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Common Health Risks that We Usually Ignore

Common Health Risks that We Usually Ignore (But Shouldn’t)When it comes to a man’s health many of us have a “wait and see” approach that could be big problem in regards to your health. For the most part our bodies run like usual from a sniffly nose that we ignore to an occasional back ache that calls for taking it easy for a day or two, but doing so isn’t always the best answer when it comes to recognizing and gauging the health risk associated with the problem. Here are some common health risks that we usually ignore (but shouldn’t) that you should know about.

Common Health Risks for Men that Often get Ignored

Leg Pain that is More than Normal

Okay, so leg pains are something we all get every now and then from the occasional cramp when we’re low in potassium to soreness after a workout, but when does leg pain become a health risk? Leg pain can become a health risk when it is a deep symptom of cardiac issues. Oftentimes cardiac issues don’t actually start showing themselves in the chest, but in the legs.

The reason is that the blood vessels in the leg have a tendency to clog up with plaque quicker than the blood vessels in the chest area. When this happens oxygen that needs to pass through the blood vessels becomes cut off somewhat and this can cause pain in the legs. A sign that leg pain might be a symptom of cardiac issues is when you legs hurt more than usual after a strenuous workout. If this is happening you might want to have a check-up with your doctor to see if there is anything to worry about.

Nosebleed Out of Nowhere common health risks

A nosebleed here and there for a valid reason like get hit in the face or blowing your nose too hard is okay, but when you are getting nosebleeds out of nowhere it might be an indication of a deep health issue. High blood pressure is on the rise in men today and roughly 10% of the male population suffers from it. When a sudden nosebleed occurs for no reason, it might be because your high blood pressure has pushed the blood out of tiny fissures in your nose cavity and this may be a sign that the high blood pressure is a serious risk to your health. If this has occurred visit a doctor to have your blood pressure checked today.

Blisters on Your Feet When You have Athlete’s Foot

This seems like a joke… how could blisters be a health risk and usually we would agree, but there are rare cases where blisters could become a more serious problem if left unchecked. If you have a blister that occurs when you are suffering from Athlete’s foot it is smart to heed this warning and seek the help of a doctor before it becomes worse.

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection and if you have open sores from a blister the bacteria can get inside your body and cause a major foot infection. If this happens you could require a few days in the hospital with strong antibiotics through an IV before you are well again. Instead just a little preventative care by seeking a doctor can save you hassle, money and the stress of a hospital visit.

Knee Pain that Lasts for a Significant Period of Time

So have a twinge in your knee every so often is normal, especially as you age, but a prolonged knee pain can be the first sign of a osteoarthritis in your legs. The longer this musculoskeletal problem goes unchecked the more it can worsen, causing your body to become more prone to aches and injuries the older you get. For men who have had a knee injury in the past, the risks of osteoarthritis increases significantly, so pay attention to knee pains. If your knees hurts for more than 2-3 hours a day (or after a workout) for more than 2-3 months in a row, check with your doctor to have a simply x-ray done to confirm if osteoarthritis is an issue. So these are some common health risks we think you should not ignore.

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