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Substitute Sweeteners What are the Dangers in it

Substitute Sweeteners What are the Dangers in itIt seems as though the world is hooked on artificial sweeteners. Even those who actively choose to avoid sugar substitutes may not have discovered that they are still being exposed through certain products on the market. It is not only those little packets to be wary of; these harmful substitute sweeteners are also found in gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, liquid medications, and many popular food items. Maybe you have used these substitutes freely and do not yet understand what the big fuss is all about. If so, you should keep reading and discover the danger to which you are being exposed.

Dangers of substitute sweeteners

What are substitute sweetners?

There are many substitute sweeteners on the market and every now and then a new one arrives. First, it was the pink stuff, then the blue next came the yellow, and now stevia has been popularized. There are a lot of little combinations of substitute sweeteners that fall between the categories mentioned here, but they should not be considered anymore attractive than the others. The fact is many people are being diagnosed with diseases as a result of using these products. It must be noted that of all the substitute sweeteners Stevia is the one that seems to give the least side effects, but research is still underway so the verdict is still out on this one.


The good old pink stuff, aka saccharin, has become just about synonymous with cancer. This stuff is deadly toxic and people who continue to use it suffer from all sorts of negative health problems. Cigarettes are carcinogens and so is the pink stuff. On top of that, it causes allergic reactions, breathing problems, diarrhea, and headaches. Still think this stuff is tasty? Saccharin is a compound derived from coal tar which is then mixed with chlorine, ammonia, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide, and anthranillic acid. Nothing in this mixture sounds healthy and nutritious to consume.


Many people realize just how awful saccharin really is and try to avoid it by consuming aspartame instead. The blue stuff was marketed to be much healthier, but the truth is that it is very harmful in its own right. Now doctors are beginning to diagnose people with something called aspartame disease. This is a disease that did not exist until the aspartame craze hit and time was given for people to suffer the after effects. Worse is that because the condition is so new people are being misdiagnosed with a wide range of very popular diseases, such as Lupus, depression, heart disease, restless leg syndrome, epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder, arthritis, allergies, Graves disease, Pseudo tumor cerebri, and more. In fact there is a long list of side effects that come with ingesting this poison that even includes going blind, memory loss, seizures, and so on.


Then it happened that people became more aware of the problems with the other sugar substitutes so they went back to the labs and came up with the yellow stuff, aka sucralose. This stuff is toxic as well and what is worse is that it stays in your system for more than five days. Use of this substitute has been linked to kidney and liver damage. People who once thought they were doing something smart by switching to sucralose are now on dialysis. It also has been shown to cause migraines.

What should you do?: substitute sweeteners

People who have diabetes try to find other ways to enjoy the sweet flavor they love. Others consume these products because they are on a diet and want to lose weight, but at what cost? History has often shown that artificially created ingredients can be hazardous. These substitute sweeteners are best when completely avoided.

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