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The DASH Diet: How it Can Benefit You

The DASH Diet: What it is, and How it Can Benefit YouWhen it comes to matters of our health and well-being, many of us unfortunately tend to take a ‘wait and see’ approach, hoping that any problems they may have been experiencing, will simply go away and heal themselves unfortunately that’s not the case the dash diet meal plan is a diet plan that bring real life changing result . So what do you eat on the dash diet?

Unfortunately, it’s this approach which leads to the occurrence of more serious health conditions, or even total loss of life altogether. We as a race are simply not taking enough care of ourselves, and to be perfectly honest, there’s no real excuse not to, other than ignorance, laziness, misinformation, or fear itself. Take our hearts and circulatory systems for instance.

The DASH Diet meal plan, a life saving diet change

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body, and for that reason alone, it should be treated with the respect that it deserves and requires. The same goes for our circulatory systems. We eat and drink foods and drinks which are bad for our hearts and our circulation, resulting in high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

Hypertension is a very serious condition, yet it’s also a very common condition as well. It’s mainly brought on by the foods and drinks we eat and drink, and for that reason, what’s known as the DASH diet was created, to help people get these conditions under control once and for all.

What is the DASH diet, and why is it so important? –

The ‘Dietary approaches to stop hypertension’ (DASH) diet was created in the US, as a way of helping to both control, and prevent hypertension altogether. Hypertension is a very serious condition that affects a huge percentage of the human race. It can bring on heart problems or other organ problems such as renal (kidney) failure too. Obviously, any condition which affects the major organs and put a person’s life in danger, should be treated very seriously indeed, and this is why this very diet was created.

How does it work? –

Although the diet has a fancy sounding name, and sounds pretty complicated, it’s actually not, and is surprisingly straight forward. The DASH diet put an emphasis on portion control, limiting the intake of sodium (salt) and consuming a great deal of healthy, low fat nutrient rich foods and beverages. Experts claim that people who follow this diet by the book, have the potential to lower their blood pressure by several points, in a matter of weeks.

What do you eat on the DASH diet?

The foods you eat will be largely natural fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, low fat diary, lean meats, and seafood rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All of these, and many more too, have been medically proven to help reduce blood pressure and promote healthy organs inside the human body.

DASH the excess sodium

Salt is an ingredient which can be extremely unhealthy, especially in regards to blood pressure, and for that reason, this diet is also available with a low sodium option, which basically limits your sodium intake levels even more, where you consume 800mg less sodium (1,500mg) than the standard DASH diet (2,300mg).

The diet is a healthy eating plan, designed to prolong life and make us fitter and healthier, and so far the results have been extremely positive and encouraging indeed.

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