Diabetes Prevention Tips on How to Take Control

Diabetes Prevention TipsThere is no cure for diabetes, both type I and type II diabetes which is now rated as the fastest growing disease and there’s no Diabetes Prevention on the planet. The shocking thing about this disease been rated as the fastest growing is that it is a non-infectious disease and one needs to ask why is this happening?  That’s why we should to Prevent Diabetes before it comes knocking at our door.

How to Kick-start your diabetes prevention

The answer to the question of why, is all about lifestyle choices that we make every day and these simple choices that we make from making a decision to purchase white bread instead of whole wheat or brown bread is a simple thing that can help diabetes prevention and needs to start with the education of our children.

Regular Exercise

Lack of exercise, fried foods and highly processed microwaved foods is without a doubt the reason why we see the rate of diabetes rising so quickly across the world. But unless you already have a pre-diabetic condition because of the genes that you carry from your family there is definitely something that can be done about it.

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

There is nothing complicated about implementing the correct eating habits and eating wholesome foods at least four times a day, doing at least 15 minutes of exercise and drinking 8 glasses of water a day is all it takes. By doing this you will be preventing the onset of the fastest growing disease on the planet.

It is just a matter of creating a habit and changing your existing habit of eating incorrectly and not exercising to making a difference to your health and the amount of years that you are going to still live. The experts say that if you can repeat a new way of doing something over 30 times it will become a habit.

Make Simple Replacements

Your diabetes prevention could start off with something simple like replacing the sugar that you have in your tea or coffee with sweetener or you could stop adding a desert to your meals which means you will be eating a lot less calories and start to lose fat. By doing just a few minutes of exercise each day you will be able to speed up your metabolism and help reduce the chances of you ever getting diabetes. Try to Prevent Diabetes before is comes calling.

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