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Diabetes Warning Signs And Symptoms

Is it DiabetesPast the age of 30, the risk of Type II or Adult-Onset Diabetes goes way up. And despite it being a serious disease, many people still don’t recognize the warning signs.

Do you have warning signs of Diabetes?

Without diagnosis, there can’t be any course of treatment. And without treatment, diabetes can present a number of complications that accelerate the aging process and pose serious health risks. Decreased energy, poor skin appearance, higher susceptibility to injury, nerve damage, joint damage and stroke are all just a few of the side effects of unmanaged or poorly managed diabetes.

The good news?

Knowing your risk may be easier than you think. All it takes is a simple blood test from your doctor if you suffer from any of the most common indicators. One is excessive thirst. Unless you’ve been vigorously exercising, you should be able to quench your thirst with a glass or two of water. If you find yourself drinking well beyond your 8 to 10 glasses a day and still feeling thirsty, it could be that your kidneys are working to process excess blood sugar due to diabetes.

The same goes for increased urination –

both frequency and volume can be indicators of diabetes or prostate trouble, both work checking out. Slow healing, tingling in the extremities, fatigue and irritability are other side effects of the disease resulting from the body’s inability to efficiently process sugar.

Rather than work on repair and rejuvenation, the body is forced to work overtime to eliminate the extra sugar from the bloodstream… which means injuries, restful sleep and a level mood all take a back seat until the sugar is processed. But with proper diet, exercise routine and treatment, diabetes can be very manageable. Like many things, early detection can make a world of difference. So bottom line do not ignore any of these red flags and seek the help of a medical professional right away.

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