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Eat Less To Have a Better Portion Control

Train Yourself to Eat LessHave you noticed a slight paunch about your middle where slim and toned abs used to be? If you have you’re probably trying to figure out how to cut down on those tasty treats that you love so much… the problem is that you can’t seem to curb your hard-won habits of a lifetime. So how do you eat less and lose those few extra pounds around your middle? Well, by tricking your mind into believing that you’re still consuming the same amount of food and drink that you were before of course.

Four Tips to Train Yourself to Eat Less

Eat from Smaller Plates and Bowls

Eat from smaller plates

When you choose a big plate or bowl to serve your meal in you naturally want to fill up the area with your food, thereby serving yourself a larger portion of fat and calories. Instead of eating more without realizing it, always select smaller plates and bowls to serve your food on. This will not only keep your portion size down, but will help trick your mind into believing you still had that large plate of food because it sees a small plate completely covered in food.

Drink from a Taller, Thin Tumbler

Tall thin tumbler

Work can be stressful and when you return home from a trying day sometimes a tumbler of whiskey or bourbon is just the ticket to relive your stress, the problem is that alcohol is largely sugar. You can still have that drink, but trick your mind into believing you’ve had more when you’re actually drinking less by drinking from a taller tumbler. Carefully measure a shot of your drink of choice and pour it into a tall, thin tumbler, this creates the illusion that you’re drinking more when in reality it is a standard amount. Men who drink from short, fat tumblers oftentimes pour more than the standard shot and this can be one of many ways you are adding on a few extra pounds.

Drink a Full Glass of Water Before a Meal

Drink water before eating

Water can do a great deal of things from hydrating your body to helping to flush it of impurities, but did you know it can also help you feel fuller as well? By drinking a full glass of water before a meal you will start off a meal with a fuller stomach keeping you from eating as much food as you would have, had you had a completely empty stomach.

Eat Your Meal Slower

People who eat quickly often eat more food than those who are slow eaters, which is why it is beneficial to slow your eating down during a meal. Take a bite, fully chew the bite for a full 10 seconds then take a sip of your drink. Allow at least 30 seconds in between bites to help your body digest and register the food in your stomach better. By doing this you are able to eat less over a longer period of time, allowing your stomach to register when it is full before you have eaten your entire meal.

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