Primal Diet Plan How To Eat Healthy

Eating a Primal DietStudies have shown there are enormous benefits that you can get from eating the way that our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. The reason is simply that eating a primal diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat that are not processed can save your body and increase your longevity by over 100%.

Why is a primal diet is healthy for your body?

It goes way back to the Palaeolithic era when humans where were taller, more slender, athletic, much healthier and more skilled and lived hundreds of years longer than we do today. They hunted for game and birds, fished and caught seafood and there were no chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Primal diet also help to stave off certain disease.

There is a very good reason that diabetes is the fastest growing disease on the planet today and without getting into too complex explanations the reason is simply processed foods. But you may be asking yourself what are processed foods and you will be shocked to know the truth.

Stay away from process food

You may already know that in order to make a profit and increase the shelf life food processing has overtaken everything when it comes to packaging. It is all because of the single two objectives of convenience and making money. This has resulted in highly chemically complex emulsifiers to preservatives that toxify your body.

The biggest problem is in most processed foods there are several ingredients that can be found in harmful substances like paint, ceramic craft mix and many other non-food products.  If you want to get your health back you need to seriously start thinking about the “caveman recipes” that we used to eat.

Going back to basics is not something that is difficult to follow.

It requires a little attention to the way you shop and what you put in your basket. You do not have to count calories or take extra supplements and you do not have to watch your weight because you will lose all the excess fat that you carry. But the best part is the cleansing and the detoxification that you will be putting your body and mind through.

Try to eat mostly natural and organic food.

The Primal diet gets you to start eating from natural and organic food, particularly fruits and vegetables that you can eat in their most natural condition in unlimited proportions. This way, your body is free from pollutants, preservatives, and toxins from processed food.

When you start on the Paleo diet you will be focusing of whole foods that are real foods for example grass fed beef, wild caught fish and eggs from chickens that live and roam freely. It goes further than that and it makes sure that you are eating vegetables and fruit that are not saturated with chemicals and toxins.

The good news is that we are still able to access these vital foods that our bodies were designed for. The way to do this needs awareness of where and what to put in your shopping basket. You can get all the information on this online for free and it is highly recommended.

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