Best Weight Loss Effective Breakfast Foods

Effective Weight Loss Breakfast FoodsYou know what people say about breakfast right? That it’s the most important meal of the day. Well, the people that say this are absolutely right. When people are looking to start their weight loss plan many of them seem to skip breakfast, under the false illusion that skipping breakfast will actually help them because they’re eating less. This is absolutely the wrong way to go about a weight loss plan as not only will it not be effective at helping you to drop the pounds, it could actually lead to you gaining weight and losing muscle. The metabolism is responsible for our bodies burning fat and calories and converting them into energy.

Here are some reason why you should't skip breakfast when Starting your weight loss.

The higher our metabolisms are, the more calories and fat we will burn, and the more energy we will enjoy as a result. In order for the metabolism to work at its most efficient it needs food. You sleep all night and you obviously aren't eating. Because of this your metabolism slows down. In the morning it still isn’t working as it should, which is why it takes us a while to wake up. Eating food actually gives the metabolism the kick start that it needs, helping it to burn fat and provide you with energy to get through the day. This doesn't mean you should eat huge amounts of any junk you feel like, but if you choose the right foods, the weight will literally drop off, and you’ll feel great as a result.


Oatmeal, or steel cut oats, are one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods you could ever wish to consume for breakfast. The oats can be gently heated with milk or water, and as they’re naturally low in fat, they provide a great early morning pick me up. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also packed full of other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Finally, they’re a great source of slow release carbohydrates, which means that your body gets a steady stream of energy released into it throughout the day, helping to keep your metabolism ticking over nicely.


Another great early morning breakfast meal that will help you to shave away the excess pounds quickly is an omelette, or any other form of eggs for that matter, especially poached or scrambled. Omelettes are ideal however because they can be combined with low fat meats or vegetables, giving you the perfect start to the day. Why not go for a 3 egg omelette, skipping out on one yolk to save yourself some extra calories? eggs are rich in minerals and proteins and as protein is thermogenic, not only does it promote lean muscle mass, it also requires more energy to digest, so the body burns more calories just by digesting it.

Yogurt and Banana

If you’re in a rush but still want a healthy and low fat breakfast, then a simple yogurt and banana combination will be absolutely ideal. The yogurt is low in fat and rich in goodness including healthy bacteria that aid digestion. The banana is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including potassium. Not only that, but it’s also another great source of slow release carbohydrates. You can even throw some healthy granola on top for an extra crunch of goodness.

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