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Environmental Aging And Water How To Reverse it

Age and Weather How To Reverse Signs of Environmental Aging

Can something as fickle as the weather age us before our time? It certainly can. The conditions around us show the effects of Environmental Aging. This includes heat, humidity and sun exposure all contribute significantly to the way we wear our age on our skin. Ultra dry, arid conditions, such as found in Western and desert climates, can accelerate wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

How does Weather Effect Environmental Aging?

Excessive heat and humidity can increase the frequency of acne breakouts, leading to scarring and redness. An over abundance of sun can cause age spots, poor skin tone and slackness. And it need not be the climate you live in either. In fact, people changing from one climate to another for business travel or vacationing often fail to switch up their skin-care regimen accordingly. The damage your skin racks up in one week can take a month or more to remedy or reverse.

How to Combat Signs of Environmental Aging?

To make sure you’re always prepared to combat Environmental Aging, make sure to pack a lightweight men’s facial moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher. You may even find some aftershave lotions that offer this benefit. Try to avoid repetitive daily exposure, however if you’re forced to be outside for long stretches of time, try to stay in the shade and wear a hat whenever appropriate. Don’t forget to wash it when it’s spent any time soaked in sweat, dirt or sea water.

Most of the sun related causes you can figure out with common sense grooming and by paying attention to your skin. A few other ways that you might not think of but are very important is maintaining a healthy diet, with a good balance of fruit and vegetables. Lower your alcohol intake and for goodness sake, drink water – 6 glasses a day minimum. Try increasing that to 10 if you’re in a hot or dry area.

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