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The Flexitarian Diet – Everything you Need to Know

The Flexitarian Diet – Everything you Need to KnowFlexability and dieting don’t always go together, that’s where the Flexitarian Diet takes your weight loss plan on a whole new level. Losing weight and getting in shape is difficult at the best of times, but when you’re stuck on a diet in which you’re constantly hungry and are forced to eat foods you don’t enjoy eating, the entire experience can become pretty nightmarish if truth be told. some people just  love the Flexitarian Diet.

How the Flexitarian Diet brings complete nutrition

Unfortunately, many of the foods we enjoy eating can be pretty detrimental to us, our weight, and our health in general. Studies have shown that consuming plant based foods including fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial for us because they’re simply so jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes however, a little of what we enjoy does us a lot of good and so a little meat now and then can also be beneficial. Because of this, the “Flexitarian” diet was created and it is proving to be extremely effective indeed.

What is the Flexitarian diet?

The term flexitarian is actually a play on words and comes from a combination of the words “flexible” and “vegetarian”. It is basically a vegetarian-based diet, allowing for the consumption of a little meats and fish. There is no real diet plan in place, so some people following the diet will consume meat once a week, some twice a week, and some will only ever have it on special occasions. For people who are looking to follow a vegetarian diet and lifestyle, without fully committing to it, the flexitarian diet is absolutely ideal. The great thing about this diet is that it is more about following a healthy lifestyle.

Does it have any exclusions?

No foods are off limits, and providing calories are loosely monitored, you get to enjoy healthy plant-based foods in good portion sizes. If the thought of giving up meat is daunting, this diet is ideal. Some people will cut out meat but will still consume fish and seafood. It’s basically all about doing what best suits you.

How does the diet work?

Basically, becoming what is known as a “flexitarian” means you will add five specific food groups to your diet, and not take any ones away. These food groups are made up of: “new meat” including tofu, nuts, eggs, and seeds. Dairy, fruits and veggies, spice, and whole grains, with the occasional introduction of meat or fish. The foods consumed on this diet are naturally low in calories, and unhealthy fats, and are all natural and are therefore much healthier for us. This is very much a diet of health and well-being instead of just weight loss and the results are extremely impressive.

Flexitarian Diet Benefits for  your Immune System

Calorie intake is naturally low so you can expect to lose weight, but on top of that your immune system and various other systems all get a real boost thanks to the high nutrient content of the foods you consume. Some of the main benefits of this diet include the following:

  • Natural and controlled weight loss
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Diabetes control
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Increases in energy levels
  • Better digestion
  • Healthier bowel movements
  • Improved overall health and well-being

Like we said before some people love the Flexitarian Diet plan and they swear on it because it works for them.

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