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Men’s Sexual Health Vitamins for sex Problem

Men Sexual Health

Men’s sexual health despite what many of us would like to believe, or despite what many of us would tell our friends anyway, as we grow older, many of us will experience some form of sexual problem or dysfunction in one way or another. Erectile dysfunction, impotency, a low sperm count, infertility, a decreased libido, an increased libido, and much more on top of that are just some of the more common sexual health problems associated with men as they grow older. Sexual health is something that not many of us like to discuss, unless everything happens to be perfectly fine, in which case you can’t get us to stop talking about it. Here are some vitamin to take when you are having men sexual health problems.

Four best vitamins for men’s sexual health

For the majority of us however, things aren’t always fine when it comes to men sexual health, which is why so many of us seek help. We read forums, we browse the internet, we seek medical advice, and we use health supplements in a bid to help increase our overall sexual health. Vitamins and minerals for example, are highly underrated when it comes to men’s sexual health, despite the fact that they’ve been proven to be effective time and time again.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vitamin which has been found to play a hugely health important role in the sexual hormone production within men. Vitamin A has been found to improve fertility and boost a man’s sperm cell production when taken on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time. Vitamin A is available in supplement form, or in a variety of whole foods including carrots, tomato, spinach, grapefruit, and mango.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a highly effective vitamin when it comes to our immune systems but it is also very effective when it comes to men sexual health as well. The reason for this is that vitamin C dilates the blood vessels, improving circulation and blood flow, which in turn leads to harder and more sustainable erections. The vitamin also helps to reduce stress, which can also be a factor when it comes to sexual health. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, many other fruits, vegetables, etc.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin has also been found to be very effective when it comes to a man’s sexual health due to the fact that it can help to regulate and improve testosterone function, which is the dominant male sexual hormone. Vitamin B6 also helps by boosting sperm cell counts, and increasing dopamine levels which make us feel happier, relaxed, and more content. Vitamin B6 is commonly found in cottage cheese, bananas, red meat, Brussels sprouts, and many more food sources.

Vitamin B12 for men’s sexual health

Vitamin B12 is another fantastic example of a vitamin that drastically improves male sexual health for a number of reasons. If you happen to be a non meat eater, just be warned that it is commonly found in meats and seafood, and the only non-meat sources available are cheese and eggs. This vitamin works by helping to keep our bodies healthy as it prevents the natural signs and effects of aging. It has also been found to increase male fertility, and help to tackle impotence and erection problems.

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