Easy Ways to Get Healthier Today

Easy Ways to Get Healthier TodayGetting healthier is something we all are constantly trying to achieve, from eating a more balanced diet to exercising more. Of course making it happen isn’t as easy as it sounds. To help you get healthier this Spring we have put together a list of 6 ways to get healthier today that will give you the ability to lose that winter weight you’ve put on or build up your body’s stamina.

Easy Ways to Get Heathier and Improve your Lifestyle

Eat More Spicy Food

You might not know it, but spicy food can help you to get healthier as you eat. Why? Capsaicin, which is commonly found in spicy foods like Chile peppers and hot sauce, can low your ghrelin levels (which can make your hungrier) and raises your GLP-1 levels which can help to suppress your appetite.

Start Eating with Your Non-Dominant Hand

It may seem like a weird way to get healthier, but using your non-dominant hand to eat with can help you to reduce the amount of food you eat in a bit and can also extend the amount of time between bites (which helps your body to have the time to notify you when it is full).

Add a Little Chia Seed in the Morning (Afternoon or Night) to Your Food

Chia seed in the last few years have been the subject of countless research studies and it was found that chia seeds can help your body be healthier in a variety of ways. The seeds are packed with fiber and protein which can help fill you up quicker, regulate your blood sugar and help to suppress your appetite throughout the day.

Invest in Power Naps

Naps are no longer just for kids, they can be a great way for adults to get in a few winks and feel refreshed and ready to finish out the day no matter how stressful or tired you are. Just a twenty minute power nap can help you to have the energy to go on for another 3-4 hours of work before your energy begins to leave again.

Follow the 2x2 Rule

The rule is simple: eat 2 times as often as you usually do, eat 2 times less than you usually do and chew your food twice as much as you usually do. By doing this you are helping your body to not only keep a steady supply of food to stave off the dreaded “starvation mode” which can make your body store food instead of burn it off, but you will also be eating less by changing the way you eat.

Drink Water as Soon as You Wake

Water has the ability to help not only quench your thirst (which can oftentimes be mistaken for hunger), but it can also help to fill your stomach thereby beginning the process of filling you up so that you are tempted to eat less in the mornings. Drink an 8ox glass of water as soon as you get out of bed and then eat your breakfast at least 10 minutes later (but no more than 45 minutes) to help curb hunger.

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