Grass Fed Beef Is It Better For Your Health

What's the Big Deal About Grass Fed BeefIf you’ve been paying attention to the numerous media sources over the last few years, you’ll no doubt have heard or read quotes from experts regarding the state of the human race’s health and fitness levels of this era. We live in an era where almost everything can be done via computer, so consequently, people are becoming less active, are eating pure junk food, are gaining weight, and are becoming ill as a result. When it comes to our nutrition, we need to be making the right choices, and putting only the best food inside our bodies. That means no more junk food, no more simple sugars, no more saturated, fat, and more fresh natural organic produce,  like grass fed beef which isn’t pumped full of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Is grass fed beef better than regular beef

We all know that beef is one of the best sources of protein and that protein is a key ingredient in building muscle mass so if you are serious about building your body it’s important to pay close attention to your intake. For starters natural and organic is the way to go, and one topic which has sparked many a heated debate recently, is that of grass fed beef, when compared to regular grain fed beef. Studies and research have found extremely strong evidence to suggest that grass fed beef is most certainly healthier than we might have ever realized.

Grass-fed beef contains more nutrition

Most cattle are fed on grass for the majority of their rearing, which is a good thing. However, many farmers and companies actually wean them off the grass when the time for slaughter begins to approach, and feed them foods which are unnatural for their digestive systems. This can lead to a whole host of problems inside the cows, including digestive problems, and increased levels of bacteria and E-coli. This can then encourage disease to spread throughout the animal, meaning that by the time it is slaughtered and butchered, the meat itself may be infected with bacteria and disease. Grass fed cattle will eat nothing but pure chemical free grass their entire lives, meaning that digestive systems are perfectly happy, as that is what they were meant to be eating.

It is much tastier than regular beef

Grass fed cows are allowed to roam free and graze on natural pure grass to their hearts content. They don’t eat at a set time, and they don’t eat chemically processed foods which are unnatural for their digestive systems. As they’re allowed to roam free, the meat is more tender and juicy. Not only that, but as the grass and soil is as nature intended it to be, the cows absorb the vital nutrients, which helps give the meat a distinct delicious flavour.

Grass fed beef is much more humane, leading to happier animals

The cows are allowed to eat the food that nature dictates they should eat. Not processed foods forced upon them by certain farmers. This means the cows are happier as they’re allowed to roam and graze freely within their spacious fields and enclosures. Happier animals have been proven to lead to much tastier, tender meat. Some farms actually play their cows calming music, massage them, and provide them with fresh mineral water to drink on a daily basis. That meat, such as Kobe beef, is some of the most delicious and expensive in the entire world.

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