Muscle Growth With Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes for Muscle GrowthA study done out of the University of Iowa and published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry found that the active ingredient in green tomatoes, tomatidine, is immensely beneficial to the musculoskeletal system. This natural compound was found to stimulate muscle growth, improve strength and endurance, as well as protect against muscle wasting.

Tomatidine intake and Muscle Growth

Here’s why that’s a big deal. We’re always looking to gain more muscle and trim that body fat, right? There comes a point in our workout routine, too, where it seems like we can’t shed those last few pounds, and we can’t seem to increase our muscle growth. This new finding may provide us a natural alternative to help us when we hit stagnation (or help us build in general) so we don’t have to immediately turn toward supplementation and chemicals.

Adding green tomatoes to your diet on a daily basis, whether eating them or juicing them, will provide you an adequate amount of the active ingredient, tomatidine, to help you trim away those pounds and increase your muscle growth, strength, and even enhance endurance.

Decrease in muscle atrophy

In addition to this, many of us are no longer spring chickens, so we’re at risk of paying too much attention to some muscles while ignoring others, which can lead to muscle wasting, otherwise known as muscle atrophy. This is caused by a variety of factors such as aging, non-use, heart disease, cancers, and orthopedic injuries to name just a few. Most of us, however, are likely to experience atrophy in the sense that we’re unintentionally ignoring some muscles in favor of building others.

How green tomatoes play a significant role

Tomatidine can help with this. In the above noted study, scientists were mainly looking for something to help with muscle atrophy. What they found was not only that, but something immensely significant for those who are looking for increased muscle gain. Using a specialized screening method and procedure, leading researchers homed in on tomatidine in green tomatoes, which showed significant changes in genetic expression that are completely opposite of those in muscle cells of people who are suffering with widespread muscle atrophy.

What does that mean?

It means that tomatidine stimulates the muscle cells in the opposite direction so they grow instead of waste away from non-use. While we’re in no way suggesting that you should continue to ignore muscle groups, we are simply saying that adding some green tomatoes to your daily diet could help you build the muscles you’re working on and prevent muscle atrophy from plaguing the ones you’re not so intent on building.

Additionally, of important note that tomatidine was shown in mice studies to significantly reduce body fat while building muscle, but their overall weight did not change. This suggests a great potential for treatment of obesity, especially for those who are just getting into an exercise routine.

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