Health Benefits of Apples Why You Should Eat One a Day

The Amazing Health Benefits of Apples and Why You Should Eat One a DayWe often overlook the health benefits of apples while enjoying this delicious and nutritious wonder fruit. This favorite fruit comes packed with surprisingly healthy nourishing benefits. Eating a single apple every day can protect us against heart, stomach, liver disorders.

Apples do not contain fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Instead, potassium, vitamin C, some Vitamin B, and high quantity fiber contribute to the many health benefits of apples. It also protects us from gallstones, anemia, and constipation. Apples are a blessing for diabetic patients. So, the age old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not a myth after all.

Some Recognized Health Benefits of Apples:

Aids in Weight Loss

Eating a medium sized apple can make your stomach feel full. This can limit your calorie intake and keep it below 100. Apples contain high dietary fiber which for fewer calories which controls hunger pangs thus stopping your body from having unwanted cravings and assist in weight loss.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Apples and Why You Should Eat One a DayBoost Digestive Process

The malic acid present in apple helps in digestion. It also contains another fiber called pectin which supports and ensures the digestive process works well. Thus, even though this fruit is smaller in size, you can enjoy the more significant health benefits of apples. Add it to your everyday diet-plan and notice how regular consumption can liberate you from constipation.

Good for Your Heart

The high amount of fiber including pectin and others present in apples link to decreasing bad cholesterol levels. On eating apples the fibers and the fats battle it out in our intestine — the fight between these result in the increase in absorption of good cholesterol. Apples not only improve cholesterol levels but prevent high blood pressure. As a result, keeping heart disease at bay.

Immunity Enhancer

Apples are rich in an antioxidant called quercetin. This works primarily to improve the body’s defense mechanism. This antioxidant, therefore, develops a better immune system of the body. They also have anti-inflammatory properties because of Vitamin C found in it which is good for your skin and complexion.

Enhances Brain Power

According to one study drinking apple juice, every day can fight the aging effect on the brain. Also, the flavonoids are found in abundance in apple juice. This can help in repairing the damaged nerve cells of the brain. This, therefore, reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s and brain decaying.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Apples and Why You Should Eat One a DayCan Oppose Cancer

One of the significant health benefits of apples can be its ability to fight cancerous cells. It has a higher amount of antioxidant. But, this quantity is a little less than what we can find in berries. Thus, it contains naturally occurring compounds which can battle and prevent cancer also proven by studies. So, don’t forget to sneak one apple in your diet every day.

Improves the Gum Quality

Apples are full of water and fiber. This helps in cleaning both your teeth and gums. The antibacterial properties of apple fight the bacteria and viruses. This stops them from infecting the body. While the fiber of the fruit aids in keeping the teeth clean. When eating an apple, the saliva secretion is stimulated.  This stops bacteria from multiplying and growing inside the mouth.

The health benefits of apples are endless. Make sure you buy firm, non-wrinkled apples. This ensures that nutritional value of this fruit is intact. If you don’t like eating your apples raw, bake it into a pie. You can either turn it into juice or make desserts. Apples not only improve your body functions but also improve the eyesight. It also boosts the texture of your skin and hair.

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