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Benefits Of Bacon Calories In Your Diet

Health Benefits of BaconCan you enjoy your breakfast bacon and still not worry about your health? This may seem like a difficult proposition and very hard to believe, the health benefits of bacon but if you just pay attention to some of the latest researches and medical bulletins out there, then you will discover that this is true. But before you start a new recipe revolving around the classic bacon and before you even serve them, make sure you understand first what you are getting from bacon.

So what are common health benefits of bacon?

You get loads of protein from bacon strips

If you are looking for extra protein to boost your body, then bacon strips can provide you with what you want. Protein is an important nutrient in the body that can be used to maintain or even boost your energy levels and can help sustain you for a long day worth of action at work. Just like in sausage, you will also get the complete nine amino acids from the bacon that is needed by your body.

If there is a good amount of protein in the body, then you can help maintain your muscle mass and the balance of hormones and can also boost the function of the brain. According to Iowa State University, the average American will need at least 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. If you weigh 150 pounds then you will need at least 60 grams of protein every day. Keep in mind that a 3-ounce service of bacon will offer you with 29 g of protein. Now that you know that bacon is packed with protein, better start shopping for some packs that can sustain you for the next few days.

Bacon will give you Vitamin B-12

Sausages and bacon can offer you Vitamin B-12 that can help maintain your red blood cells. If your body has the right amount of Vitamin B-12, then it’s easier to make hemoglobin. The right amount of B-12 will also ensure the metabolism of fats and protein and can also help promote brain function.

Bacon offers lots of Iron

The right amount iron in the body that can be supplied by bacon can also help in the production of hemoglobin. Iron is also an important component of myoglobin, a protein that can be found in the muscles which can help carry oxygen.

Eating bacon will give you a natural high

There’s no denying a person’s love affair with bacon. Once you eat the right portions of bacon, then you feel bliss and satisfaction that you cannot find in other food items.

So is it time to order as much bacon as possible?

Don’t splurge and overeat your bacon. Make sure you consume it with limits. Remember, bacon just like sausages are known for their high sodium content. If you eat more than what is recommended then you will increase the concentration of sodium in the body which can help increase your risks for certain diseases. When selecting your bacon you should also look for nitrate free and the leaner, center cuts to minimize the fatty parts. You can enjoy the health benefits of bacon, provided you consume it based on recommended amounts.

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