Amazing Health Benefits of Soursop

Health Benefits of SoursopSoursop is a fruit found throughout the Caribbean and South America and is well known for its medicinal benefits. It is often used in sweet beverages and eaten raw. The outside of the fruit is bitter, hard, and spiny. But the inside of the fruit is soft, sweet, and juicy. The fruit grows on the graviola tree some 25 feet in the air and has a fantastic flavor when ripe. The health benefits of Soursop is great for your weight loss program.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Soursop Fruit

Soursop is more than just a fruit; the health benefits of Soursop are just coming to light and studies have shown that it is a very powerful natural remedy to many diseases. As with most other fruits, the soursop is rich in vitamin C and B, calcium, and even iron.

Natural Remedy

Many natural remedy professionals use soursop to relieve stomach pain, fever, eczema, asthma, back pain, mouth ulcers, head lice, and bed bugs. Every aspect of this fruit, its root, meat, and leaves are used in the relief of these bodily disorders. For example, to reap the benefits of reducing back pain one must drink a tea of the soursop everyday. It works by reducing inflammation in the lower lumbar’s and relaxes muscles.

Insect repellent

To fight off bed bugs and lice the leaves are used. Both the skin and meat of a Soursop can eliminate and prevent infection in wounds. The Soursop is an amazing fruit and in addition to its minor medicinal properties scientists have recently discovered that it can prevent one of the deadliest diseases known to man.

Fights Cancer

Researchers at the Cancer Center found evidence that shows Soursop can be effective at slowing the growth of cancer cells in the body. In 1997 the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry revealed that compounds derived from soursop proved to be more than 250 times more effective than chemo drugs at killing cancer cells in breast patients. 250 times! This not only shows the powerful benefits of Soursop but also reveals a need to study in greater length the compounds of the fruit.

For those that choose to consume soursop on a regular basis a notable decrease in cancer rates can be found. Therefore, regular consumption of soursop is beneficial to your body and prevention of life-threatening illness.
Whether you choose to eat, drink, or take as an extract, soursop will leave your body healthier and stronger than ever before.

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