Health Detox: Best Healthy Boost to Your Body

Health Detox – Do? Or Don’tIf you’re over the age of 25, the odds are you’re hearing more and more of your friends and co-workers talk about body health detox diets. Are they just the next diet fad like the cookie diet or the grapefruit diet? Or do they actually have some level of health benefit?

Ready to try your first detox?

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for quick weight loss or to cure digestive issues, you may want to adjust your expectations. However, if you’re looking to boost your energy, enhance physical performance at the gym or on the playing field, or to safeguard yourself against environmental aging factors then it may be time to get on the health detox train.

Choose a healthy detox

A few health detox diets that you should be wary of are any diet that wants you to completely eliminate all food and just drink liquids. Many have found detox's or cleanses like the master cleanse where all you drink is lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup are very dangerous because you are not eating and your body does not get the fuel it needs to run. If you want to try a detox diet with out all of the crazy restrictions try the paleo diet which cuts out all processed foods or start simple by just eliminating sugar or only drinking water with your meals instead of sweet beverages.

Liver detox

The philosophy behind a true liver detoxification diet is to aid your body in ridding itself of chemical and environmental toxins, including smog, pesticides in food and produce, alcohol, caffeine, processed ingredients, excessive salt and/or sugar, and food additives and preservatives. Normally this task falls almost completely to the liver and kidneys. When they get overloaded you start to feel tired, run down, and generally old and unhealthy.

With a detox diet, you’re cease introducing toxins and poisons to your body and instead only eat or drink those items with few or no toxins, or better, those that help remove them. A good number of diets are out there to choose from.

Choosing the right health detox is a personal decision. Just be careful that you don’t eliminate essential nutrients or go on a modified fast (juice only, only one food group, etc.). As well, if you have an eating disorder, diabetes, or other chronic health condition, make sure not to undertake any diet plan without the approval of your doctor.

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