How Diet Products Are Making You Fat

How Diet Products Are Making You FatSome diet products can actually make you fat. Those pants are getting a bit tighter and you just can’t blame it on the high heat setting on the dryer any more. As guys get older, it becomes easier to put on extra weight, so many guys are working through some sort of diet products plan right now. How well do you know your diet products?

How diet products are making you fat

The only problem with that The diet products that many guys are choosing are actually making them fat! Here are the food traps that you need to watch out for if you’re on a diet right now or thinking about going on a diet in the near future.

Yogurt Is Not a Diet Food

Did you know that just 1 serving of yogurt naturally contains more than 15 grams of sugar? If you are eating a fruit flavored yogurt, chances are that you’re eating another 15 grams of sugar on top of that. This means that for your breakfast, you’re eating a product to lose weight that actually contains as much sugar as a can of soda! If you like yogurt and what to include it in your diet plan, choose plain Greek yogurt as it has the least amount of sugar, double the protein, and you can flavor it with honey or agave.

Sugar Free Sweets Aren’t That Sweet

In order to make a sugar free treat still taste pretty sweet, most manufacturers will add fat content to their products. In some cookies, one serving of a sugar free variety can have as much as 10 grams of fat in just one cookie! If you ate two cookies, you might as well have eaten a Big Mac from McDonald’s! Graham crackers are a wonderful, healthy substitute as they contain less sugar than most cookies and are low in fat. Look up those 100 calorie snack packs of your favorite treats too if you’ve got a craving that you just can’t ignore.

Stay Away From Those Veggie Chips

On the surface, veggie chips seem like a healthy alternative to potato chips, but many of them aren’t. Most of them have potato or corn flour as their first ingredient, which means you’re basically eating a potato chip that looks and tastes like a vegetable. Some veggie chips even have more fat and more calories in a smaller serving size than regular potato chips! If you’re looking to get slim, consider tortilla chips as a healthy alternative. You can even have your favorite salsa with them, have a snack you enjoy, and almost all of the calories are fat free.

When In Doubt, Eat Real Food

When push comes to shove, the easiest way to start losing weight is to eat foods that are low in caloric density. That means lots of fruits and vegetables, a few proteins here and there, and just the occasional snack. Think about it this way – for the amount of calories in the average piece of birthday cake, you would have to eat 15 servings of green beans! Diet foods aren’t always what they are cracked up to be – always read labels, follow portion sizes, and be aware of the types of calories you’re eating.

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