How’s your Poop Posture?

How’s your Poop PostureHows poop posture - According to research and human anatomy squatting is the perfect poop posture. Squatting is a perfect postural and function movement.. Humans are made to squat. Look at young children and you’ll see they squat perfectly, it’s only as we age and spend more time sitting than being active that we begin to experience problems. Squatting is a perfect postural and function movement and should be a part of every guy’s workout routine as it’s used to transition from sitting to standing, to pick things off the floor and to poop. Wait, what? Yep, poop!

According to research and human anatomy squatting is the perfect poop posture.

Centuries ago toilets were merely holes in the ground that we squatted over to relieve ourselves. In some parts of the world this is still true, and coincidentally those countries have a much lower incidence of colon related diseases like diverticulitis. Maybe it’s no surprise that in an age where constipation and elimination issues are rising, so are the toilet heights.

The poop squat

Anatomically speaking it does make sense to squat while we poop. The colon carries waste matter through the body to the rectum and is kinked at the end, at the junction of the colon and rectum, where it lies across the puborectalis muscle. This muscle is the body’s way of ensuring there are no accidents, by keeping the colon kinked and ensuring continence.

Problem with sitting down

The problem with sitting to poop is that the puborectalis muscle doesn't fully relax and the colon remains partially kinked. This can cause a blockage in the waste flow, leading to more time on the potty. By leaning forward and raising the knees up into a squat position the muscle can relax and allow the colon to empty efficiently and effectively.

There is more to this than just anatomy however, research backs up the hypothesis that squatting is the perfect poop posture. A study published in 2003 compared pooping in three positions: squatting, sitting at 32 cm and sitting at 42 cm. All subjects regardless of diet, age, height and weight variables took significantly less time pooping in the squatting position.

Less time in the bathroom

The results showed that when squatting, elimination of the bowels took under one minute, 50 percent less time that sitting. There was also shown to be a slight benefit to sitting on the lower toilet rather than the higher toilet which tells Hows poop posture.

Now nobody is suggesting that you remove your toilet in favor of a hole in the ground, but there are other options to enable you to put yourself into a squat position while you poop so that you should know Hows poop posture. The Squatty Potty is a perfectly designed toilet stool that puts you in the exact correct position for perfect elimination. Further research has shown subjects using the Squatty Potty can achieve a significant improvement in constipation, and can provide relief for bloating, hemorrhoid straining, IBS and pelvic floor and bladder issues.

While it might take some getting used to, by putting yourself in the perfect posture to poop you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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