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Insulin Abuse The Disturbing Truth Behind use

The Disturbing Truth Behind Insulin Abuse in BodybuildingThe body is a truly amazing thing when you actually think about it. Inside of each and every one of us right now, there are chemical reactions and processes taking place that are keeping us alive and keeping us functioning as we should be. Take digesting our food for instance, the body is able to do so thanks to acid and enzymes that break the food down inside of us, before it is able to extract all of the nutrients contained within the food, and use them in order to complete a whole variety of other various functions and processes. take your hormone for instant known as insulin too much of it is just plain insulin abuse to the body.

Reasons why you should not abuse your body with the use of insulin

The pancreas is another prime example of organs that are truly remarkable when you actually think about it. When we consume foods high in sugar or foods that are converted into sugar by the body, in order to regulate our blood sugar levels, the pancreas actually secretes a hormone known as insulin. Too much sugar can lead to the pancreas shutting down and not being able to produce enough insulin to cope, which is when people turn diabetic. To counter this, diabetics have to either swallow tablets or pills or inject insulin into their body to control their blood sugar levels. But why are more and more bodybuilders that aren’t even diabetic in the first place, abusing insulin in order to enhance their physiques?

Bodybuilding and Insulin Abuse

Insulin is basically a peptide hormone that is secreted via the pancreas, just as we mentioned briefly above. It is designed to help regulate blood sugar levels by regulating the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. It also helps promote glucose utilization for energy, and protein synthesis, which is responsible for the production of new protein chains, which in turn are vital for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. It helps to increase volume of cells within our bodies, which is why experts have found it to possess an anabolic muscle building effect.

It stimulates the production of glycogen, which in turn actually feeds the muscles during exercise. As well as this, it also prevents muscle proteins from breaking down, and as it increases the volume of cells, allowing them to absorb more nutrients. The cells within the muscles then become larger and are able to absorb more vital nutrients that are essential for the growth, repair, and reproduction of new muscle tissue. So it’s plain to see why insulin abuse is prevalent in the bodybuilding community.

What are the Dangers?

Because of the examples listed above, bodybuilders and people looking to build lean muscle mass actually consider insulin to be one of the most easy and effective anabolic hormones on the planet, and for that reason, many of them are choosing to inject insulin directly into their bodies. This is despite the fact that their pancreases are working perfectly fine and are able to produce just the right amount of insulin to break each meal down.

Bodybuilders who abuse insulin actually run the risk of turning diabetic themselves since the abundance of insulin will signal the pancreas to create less. Not only that, but they could suffer a sudden plummet in blood sugar levels, which could leave them in a coma or even dead for that matter. Simply put, unless you’re diabetic yourself there is no need to take insulin and doing so could potentially be fatal. Yes it does improve muscularity there is no disputing that, but what good is a muscular body if you’re dead way before your time?

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