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Intermittent Fastings: Risks And Benefits

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

When talking about Intermittent fasting, it might sound too extreme for the average person. Surprisingly, Fasting has been practiced since the beginning of time itself. Moreover, our ancestors did it. If it was especially good enough for our ancestors, maybe it is good enough for us too. Intermittent fasting (IF), however, is not just fasting. It is, in fact, a well-calculated and alternated cycle of refraining from food and eating it. This has certainly caught on like a wildfire and is a popular choice for many dieters. It does not say which food items to choose or pick it provides you with a window of time to do so. Sounds simple enough, right? However, like any other diet, IF comes with its own perks and risks. Let’s know more!

Intermittent Fasting: The good and the bad!

IF Perks

Keeps your brain sharp.

improved brain performance

Fasting generally helps in enhancing the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor which in turn plays a role in brain dysfunction and degeneration.

Intermittent fasting can help in preventing any short-term memory loss as well as special memory loss. It also helps in reducing brain impairment and operative impairment.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

Diminishing the risk of diabetes has forever been top of thought for most people, and intermittent fasting might actually help you with the same. IF also helps in reducing belly fat and fights insulin resistance as efficiently as a conventional caloric limitation. It certainly seems like Intermittent fasting might just be what you need to keep diabetes under wraps.

Consume less

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

At first, the very purpose of Intermittent fasting is to restrict the window where you can eat. So if it is safe to assume that you don’t binge on the  “feasting” window, there is a considerable chance that you can lose weight. There is also a minimal chance of weight regain and rebound after one year.

IF Risks


To maintain a healthy reproductive status, one surely needs a healthy amount of calories and nutrients. Adhering to a strict restrictive diet can interfere with the body’s natural way of doing things. Intermittent fasting can, therefore, cause a few hiccups in your fertility.

Influence athletic performance.

Intermittent fasting might mean that you are restricting the fuel intake for a particular amount of time. This might end up making you feel sluggish and can impair your athletic performance as your body will either be fasting or feasting and will be swinging from having bursts of energy to feeling fatigued.

Can trigger disordered eating

Intermittent Fasting: Risks And Benefits

This setup can act as a free reign as the chances of eating disorders, as you are essentially starving yourself for a while and binging for the other parts of the day. This certainly delves into the extremities and can lead to an imbalance. No doubt this is effective, but it can trigger already existing eating disorders or form new ones.

Now that you know both the possible perks and risks, you can take your call whether you want to give Intermittent Fasting a try. Maybe this was precisely what you needed to shed off the pounds finally!

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