Gluten Free Diet: What You Should Know About it

What You Should Know About the Gluten Free DietThere are hundreds of dieting plans, super pills and nutrient powerhouses that generates billions of dollars. Simple diets are adopted more these days for the holistic benefits. One of these holistic diets is the gluten free diet. This can be beneficial but there are certain facts and myths that should be advertised. Misleading diets can actually hurt you more than help so if you've thought of the gluten free diet, it’s best to get spun up on what it’s all about.

Guide to Understanding the Gluten Free Diet

Celiac disease is the main reason for a gluten free diet. Ingestion of gluten with those that have celiac disease can create a reaction that dissolves the intestinal cells. Just because you react to gluten doesn't mean you have celiac disease, just a minor sensitivity. Celiac or sensitivity to gluten, it’s time to do your best to cut it out of your diet.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is in a ton of foods that we eat on a daily basis. Processed foods are loaded with gluten and these proteins are found in wheat, rye and barely. If your body can’t screen the gluten from the foods that you eat then you can have a reaction. Pasta, sauces, and dressings can have high concentrations of gluten as well.

Is a gluten free diet healthy for everyone?

Gluten free diets can be promoted as a method to cut weight or be healthy. Gluten free diets are mostly beneficial to people with Celiac are sensitive to gluten but the marketplace has saturated the diet as ground breaking way to lose weight. Gluten doesn’t directly impact weight. If you have abdominal pain, diarrhea, tingling or fatigue and joint pain then you should probably try and cut gluten out of your diet to see if that’s the cause.

Fad or here to stay?

It boils down to one thing. Gluten is a concept that has hit the health industry like a nuclear bomb and it is over sold to a lot of dieters that are only wasting their time and money. Unless you know you are sensitive, or have symptoms or been diagnosed with Celiac, then gluten free eating is NOT going to make a huge difference for you.

Now if by “going gluten-free” it makes you stop eating process foods that contain gluten and other wheat containing products like pizza, cakes, cookies and other rich foods, then yes, expect to lose some weight. However any diet plan will tell you to reduce your intake of those items so it’s probably the sugar and fat in those gluten containing products and not the gluten.

Dieting is part of losing weight and there’s no way around it. Cut the gluten, or reduce the gluten intake since your body naturally sifts it from your body anyway. Next keep the raw foods in the house and steer clear from saturated gluten food like that junk we like to buy that’s packaged.

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