Blended Food Diet: is it Better For Weight Loss

Blended Food Diet - Liquid LunchBefore you think we’re advocating a beer or cocktail instead of an actual meal, we’re not talking about alcohol. (In fact, if you’re really serious about your weight loss goals, you should consider avoiding alcohol altogether.) What we are recommending here is the idea of going on a blended food diet for a short period of time to kick start your weight loss. Alternatively, you can add a blended component to any diet and receive some desirable health benefits that are literally easy to swallow.

The blended food diet to maximize your nutrition

Why Blended Food?

In a perfect world, we’d all have the time to grow our own sustainable gardens of organic fruits and vegetables and we’d be able to make these the foundations of our daily diets. Sadly, convenience is an unfortunate yet necessary mistress. Few of us have that kind of time in our lives after work, family, working out and other responsibilities. It may even be how you gained unwelcome weight in the first place. Blended food diet allow you to condense several plates full of nutritious fruits and vegetables into a single, quick, drinkable serving. It also allows us to mask some of those nutrients we don’t typically like with the flavors of those we do (hiding spinach in a blend of apple and kiwi for example).

How to Do It

Start small – try subbing just one meal a day for a blended alternative. Breakfast is usually a popular choice since it simplifies the morning to have breakfast you can sip during your commute. Hundreds of recipes exist online and in cookbooks dedicated to blended food diets. These range from completely vegan recipes to more traditional smoothie varieties that incorporate dairy in the form of milk or yogurt. There are also a number of supplements designed to be used with blended foods – protein, fiber, minerals, probiotics, micronutrients, antioxidants and detox agents are all among the many choices available. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best, but frozen choices work just as well as long as they’re not laced with salt and sugar. Just put your choices in the blender, add a bit of liquid (water, juice, milk or soy milk) and pulse to combine. Then hit puree as mixture becomes more consistent. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Why it Works

Delivering the kinds of nutrients your body truly needs allows you to feel full longer and reduce cravings for salt and sugar (which are typical fillers in convenient foods). As well, with your body receiving proper and complete nutrition various bodily systems will perform more efficiently. Of most note to those working to lose weight – your metabolism can actually improve when given the right amount of a diverse range of foods. And, because most blended foods are fruits and vegetables, they are served raw, which delivers the absolute biggest nutritional benefit from every serving.

The blended food diet is more of a cleanse to reset your digestive system and clear out impurities. it's not recommend to keep a completely liquid diet for more than a two- to three-week time period. Make sure you keep track of the natural sugar and calorie content of your blended concoctions. Just because it’s fruit doesn’t mean it’s low-calorie. This is particularly true of any liquid you use as the base in your mix. Sugar-laden “cocktail” juices and non-skim milk both pack some caloric punch. So blend responsibly! and as you can see we can achieve weight loss with the blended food diet.

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