Skinny Fat Guys Why They Need Veggies Too

Skinny Fat Guys Why They Need Veggies TooTo many guys, the kitchen can seem like a strange foreign land that you occasionally venture into for an ice cold beer and a bag of chips. Okay, we're probably stereotyping a little more than we should here, we know. For those skinny fat guys who like to cook occasionally your specialties may be something like grilled steak & pork chops.

Tips for Skinny Fat Guys to Eat More Vegetables

You may be asking, what's wrong with eating steak or pork? We can't argue with you there. They are both excellent sources of muscle building protein, and incorporating protein into your diet is key to slimming down your mid section. However, there is a very important factor missing. Here lies the problem. Let's say you cook yourself a nice New York strip, put it on a plate and eat it alone, nothing on the side. And when you make this steak, it's usually pretty big, huge actually. Same goes for the pork chops and you probably eat two pork chops in one meal! Sound familiar?

So what are you doing wrong?

Well, your omitting a key component to a well rounded fat slimming meal. Vegetables! We know, blah, vegetables. It's hard to get excited about this nutrient and enzyme rich food group, but it's important to incorporate vegetables into your diet.

Why do skinny fat guys need vegetables anyway?

Well, for one, vegetables are usually loaded with water which makes them filling and low in calories. If you were to incorporate more veggies into your meal, you would feel a lot fuller, thus not requiring such an immense portion of steak. Vegetables (raw vegetables in particular) contain enzymes which help your body digest food and break down fats.

Meat and Digestion

Steaks (and pork) are generally harder to digest than vegetables. A diet with too much protein can actually cause more harm than good, making your kidneys work into overdrive to get rid of the toxins. In addition, most of the steaks you buy at the market are loaded with estrogen (hello man boobs!) and preservatives that can be even more damaging.

How to make them more apetizing

So now that you know the importance of adding veggies to your meals, you're next question may be, what do I make? Salad after salad can seem a bit monotonous, but it doesn't have to be. We encourage all of you to do a little research on the web. A simple internet search will give you virtually thousands of websites and millions of recipes right at your fingertips.

Download an App for ideas

Take advantage of the hundreds of recipe app's that are available; many of them free. Try to get creative when you think about vegetables. When you make a salad, maybe mix in herbs with your greens. Buy some raw nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds) and mix them into your salads for added crunch (and healthy omega 3's!).

Make your own salad dressing

Look up salad dressing recipes and try to make your own dressing on occasion. You may be surprised at how delicious a salad can be, not to mention how great you will feel after eating it.

Steam and Sauté

Steaming and sautéing vegetables is another option. Although fresh veggies are best, organic frozen veggies can provide an quick easy alternative. The key is to be consistent. We promise you, if you incorporate more vegetables into you protein rich meals, you will feel slimmer, lighter and more vibrant than you would just eating a steak on its own.

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