The Many Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The Many Benefits of Sweet PotatoesSweet potatoes are often over-looked by the average mom cooking for the family at home. But there are many athletes and health junkies who have seen the many benefits of sweet potatoes and have made sure to include the pure fat free a nutritionally-dense vegetable in their diet. In fact the sweet potato is ranked higher than the regular potato due to its fibrous, fat-free content.

Amazing Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

High in Fiber

These root vegetables are not only a very low-GI food, which will help you keep your hunger away. They also offer around 7 grams of fiber in each serving and contain no trans or saturated fat. They also have a high amount vitamin A and vitamin C. In fact for every 200 gram serving of sweet potatoes you will get over 700 % of your daily Vitamin A recommended intake.

Contain Micronutrients

They offer one of the most nutrient enriched foods that you can find and including micronutrient copper, manganese, and vitamin B6 all which help build a healthy body. You will also find necessary amino acids like valine, tyrosine and isoleucine.

How to Cook a Sweet Potato

It should be noted that the vitamins contained in sweet potatoes are water soluble and are at risk of depletion during cooking which is why it is strongly advised by the experts that you should rather bake or steam the sweet potato in its peel instead of boiling which has been shown to deplete up to one third of the nutritional value that it has.

Fat Soluable

The experts also agree that adding a little bit of butter when you eat sweet potatoes is a good thing but stay away from adding brown sugar or other high calorie toppers. This may not sound important but since the vitamin A found in sweet potatoes is fat soluble, the butter you put on top will actually help your body absorb the vitamin A.

Rich in Beta Carotene

Each sweet potato has a range of flesh colors from the most popular orange, to yellow and rich dark purple. Besides looking very nice the pigmentation also shows that they are rich in beta carotene, kind of like a carrot.The full benefit of sweet potatoes in your diet will be seen when they are eaten on a regular basis.

Nutrient Powerhouse

The average sweet potato that you find at the grocery store will have 3.1 milligrams of vitamin C, 0.27 milligrams of vitamin B-6 and 14 micrograms of folate. A sweet potato also provides 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, no fat and about 112 calories.

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