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Muscle Growth Tips Exercise That Works

Bio Active Peptides for Rapid Muscle Growth

When looking to enhance male muscle growth, there is nothing quite as frustrating as putting in a ton of hard work and seeing very slow results. We all know that muscles are built by breaking down the fibers with intense weight training and a good amount of the right kind of protein, but is it really that simple? No, unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Male Muscle Growth Tips to build an amazing physique

Proteins are incredibly complex in that they have various functions in the body, especially with regard to muscle growth and strength and movement. Even at the simplest level, proteins have various components consisting of a variety of amino acid combinations that make them function in specific ways and are crucial to sustaining the body. There is a specific combination of potent amino acids that are needed for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to occur, and unfortunately that’s not exactly a quick process with “normal” proteins.

How do muscles grow larger?

MPS, in general, is the building up of proteins. With intense weight training exercises, where the fibers are ripped, the beaten up proteins are either moved out of the way or repaired on site with extra proteins to make thicker, stronger muscle. However, it’s not as simple as loading the muscle with protein to make it build faster. There has to be a specific combination of amino acids that promotes quick repair and muscle growth at the cellular level. Simply having higher protein intake and amino acids will not do the trick. The muscles react to the make-up of these amino acids.

Bioactive peptide (BAP) and performance

This varying combination of amino acids form something called peptide chains, which then start to perform a specific muscle-enhancing function, which then makes it a bioactive peptide (BAP). These BAP’s are the link fitness enthusiasts have been looking for to enhance muscle building, strength, and performance because they activate certain biological functions of muscle repair and growth, while also accelerating the key component of MPS. Within these bioactive peptides are much smaller structures in the protein that combine with the unique combination of amino acids. It’s these tiny powerful sources that create the concentrated affect of BAP’s on MPS.

How to add more BAP’s to your body? muscle growth

In order to get the proper amount of BAPs, however, one would need to consume a sickening amount of protein and amino acids either through food, whey protein, or other supplementation because it’s volume that triggers such a response in hyper growth of muscles, not the quality of the protein. However, consumption of high levels of protein are no longer needed to achieve rapid muscle growth and higher performance. Now, there is a supplement that will provide the adequate amount of BAP’s needed without having to add too much extra to your regular diet or exercise routine.

Bio-Gro is a brand new product with this innovative science. With intense weight training, proper diet, and the addition of this supplement, you’ll notice a quick and satisfactory difference in the rate of your muscle growth.

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