Pre Workout Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Body

Pre Workout Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your BodyIf you’re the type of fitness junkie that likes to exercise in the morning it’s important to have proper nutrients in the body, In order to supply energy for an upcoming workout. There’s a lot of preference here but we’ll go ahead and list our favorite pre workout breakfast ideas. Consider trying these and see how they work for you!

Before we list our top 3 breakfast ideas it should be known that carbohydrates are the most important macro nutrient to supply energy because during strenuous activity the body goes to carbs first for energy break down. After that it’s followed by proteins so you’ll want a balanced breakfast that is high in carbs but also has some protein to fuel muscle rebuilding.

• Oatmeal

The bread (and no butter!) of pre workout breakfast ideas. Reason behind this is simply the high amount of carbs in a dense quantity. You don’t want too much food for breakfast as that might cause some digestion issues. 1-2 cups of oatmeal with 1-2 tbsps of honey will supply adequate carb source. If you’re feeling daring consider adding fruits as well but watch out for too much sugar as spiking insulin in the morning could lead to fat gains if not maintained properly.

• Protein Shake

A great option if you are the busy individual or someone who doesn’t have a huge appetite to eat solid foods in the morning (Like me!). Your typical scoop of protein powder has about 100-130 calories and 20-25g of protein. Now this alone isn’t really enough to supply good energy for a workout so the other options are to combine 8-12 oz of milk (your preference on type), a banana or strawberries and then even some natural peanut butter. This will give you a good couple hundred calories and great carb/protein ratio in one convenient protein shake. Just be sure to track it with a calorie counter app/website.

• Bagels

One of our personal favorite pre workout ideas because it’s fast, has a few hundred calories and good carbs. It's great to throw my bagel in the microwave or toaster, then spread with some peanut butter for fats, carbs, protein all in one source.

These are just some ideas to help you get a good workout in by having the right amount of nutrients. There are people who like working out on an empty stomach as it “burns fat first” but we find little truth in that. In the end just eat healthy, show up to your workouts and stay the course. You’ll see results if you remain committed.

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