How to fall Asleep as Fast as possible

Secrets to Help you fall Asleep FasterSleep is so important for the human body, both physically and psychologically. When we fall asleep a whole host of processes and functions are carried out. Sleep is the human equivalent of recharging the battery in your phone. We go to sleep every night and recharge our metaphorical batteries for the next day. If you have a poor night’s sleep, boy do you know about it the next day.

Top tips to fall asleep fast and sleep through the night

You’ll wake up feeling awful, will have no energy, will look ill and worn down, and won’t be able to function and react as quickly as an individual who had a good night’s sleep. Not only that but if you’re looking to get in shape and build muscle or are simply recovering from an injury, then you won’t be able to build the muscle as effectively as this happens when we rest and your injury won’t heal as quickly as you’d have liked without it. Sleep is so important and if you struggle to fall asleep at night, then there are secrets to help you out.

Listen to calming relaxing music

Even if you live in a quiet rural location, you could still benefit from listening to calming and relaxing music to help you drift off. There are apps, CD’s, albums, and many more sources of calming music, all of which could help you to unwind after a busy day. The soothing calming tones will wash over your body, relaxing your weary aching heavy muscles, and will transport you seemingly into a meditative state, where you’ll soon find you at the mercy of your subconscious, and your eyes will begin to close.

Drink a Beverage

There are certain beverages that have been proven to help you get a good nights sleep. For instance tart cherry juice consumed 2 hours before bedtime was shown in a study to reduce insomnia in a 2010 study conducted by the Journal of medicine and food. Tea is also an excellent drink to have before you head to sleep. Try passion fruit or chamomile for a soothing nightcap.

Avoid energetic or action packed programs before bed

If you’re looking to fall asleep quickly, then watching the latest action movie in bed, is probably not the best idea. When we watch action films, full of violence, screaming, shouting, and loud explosions, our brains become stimulated and alert, and our adrenal glands even secrete adrenalin, which is a natural stimulant too. Instead, either watch something much more calming and peaceful, or even simply read a good book instead.

Ensure you’re not too hot, nor too cold

Take a page out of Goldilocks’ book and ensure that the temperature in your bed is just right. Being too hot in bed is one of the most stressful and annoying feelings one can ever experience. So if you are too hot, either opt for a thinner duvet, lose some layers, turn off the heating, or even open your window. A cool breeze on an otherwise warm day is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable feels that one can ever experience. The same goes for if you’re too cold. If so, shut the window, wrap up warm, use thicker layers, or even put the heating on. Being comfortable in bed is one of the keys to ensuring you drift off into the land of slumber as quickly as possible.

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