Signs of a Vitamin Deficiency and How to Fix it

Signs that You have a Vitamin Deficiency symptom of lock of vitamin

Having a vitamin deficiency may not always be a serious health issue, but it can help to make other medical conditions arise and keep you from feeling your best throughout the day. So how do you know if you have a Vitamin Deficiency A body that is vitamin deficient oftentimes shows signs of it, but you usually have to know what those signs are until the problem becomes a health risk. Take a look at these 4 signs that you have a vitamin deficiency and keep an eye out so they don’t before worse. And you should always asks yourself what are the symptom of lock of vitamin so you can treat it.

What are the signs of a vitamin deficiency?

Weird Bumps on Your Skin

No it’s not acne… it is a sign of vitamin D deficiency. If you have odd little bumps that have a white or red hue on your arms, thighs, butt or face this may be a sign that your body is lacking essential fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D. To fix the essential fatty acids issue include more healthy fats in your diet such as tuna, salmon, nuts and seeds. For vitamin A, include a better variety of colorful fruits & vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, berries and leafy green vegetables. For vitamin D, the best way to fix the deficiency is through a vitamin supplement of about 2,000 that has vitamin D as well as vitamin A & K to help your body absorb the vitamin D.

Cramps & Stabbing Pains in Your Extremities

If you are experiences a high about of cramps in your muscles or stabbing pains in areas like your toes, foot arches and the back of your legs it is most likely due to a deficiency of potassium, magnesium and calcium. To fix this eat a diet rich in foods such as hazelnuts, bananas, potatoes, oranges, squash, cherries, broccoli and dark leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and dandelion greens.

Cracks in the Area Around Your Mouth

When the body develops pronounced cracks around the mouth and lips it can be a sign of vitamin deficiency in iron, zinc, riboflavin and niacin. To fix the iron and zinc deficiencies eat foods such as shellfish, peanuts, salmon and Swiss chard. For niacin and riboflavin deficiencies eat cauliflower, broccoli, kale, chili peppers and jalapenos.

Rash on Your Face and Hair Loss

For people who are deficient in biotin, it is common to have a red, scaly facial rash or to suffer sudden clumps of hair loss. This deficiency is especially pronounced in people (usually bodybuilders) who consume raw eggs because a component of eggs known as avidin makes it harder for your body to absorb biotin through food. To fix a biotin vitamin deficiency eat a diet rich in foods such as properly cooked eggs (this helps to reverse the effects of avidin), soybeans, bananas, avocados and salmon. This is how you know if you have a Vitamin Deficiency.

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