Skinny Fat Guy On a Cleanse?!

To all the "skinny fat" guys out there, we want you to know that we know how frustrating it can be. You're not "fat" per say, but you're not exactly "lean" either. You are carrying extra weight around your mid section, and most diets and exercises don't seem to work.

Tips on How to do a cleanse to burn belly weight

If you are always trying to figure out different ways to help shed some weight around the middle. you may want to try a cleanse. There are different cleanses like a juice cleanse, a 40-day vegan raw cleanse which is great but a bit long or a 14-day seasonal vegan cleanse that incorporates yoga. Unfortunately, most of these cleanses are less than thrilling.

Skinny Fat Guys and Bad Habits

If you are like most skinny fat guys you probably have your habits, and oh boy... are they hard to break. Like most skinny fat guys, you don't necessarily have a problem with over eating or eating cake and chips all day but your issues might be a bit more complex. Bad eating habits like a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and often skips lunch due to a crazy workload which leaves whick leaves you cranky and famished by 4:00 PM. Then you like to enjoy a few drinks every day, even if it's just one glass of wine. If no one is preparing the dinner, have a steak, or a pork chop or sausages or chicken (no veggies). Then snacks on things like chips or frozen fruit and stays up very late because your "not tired". Then he wake up in the morning groggy and cranky. When you read this you might disagree, probably because your habits have become so embedded in that you don't even realize they are habits.

How Cleanses bring a new awareness

Most people do cleanses because they want to get rid of "toxins" or lose weight. Our bodies are very capable of detoxing on their own, and even though cleanses can enhance this process, "detoxing" is not exactly why cleanses come so highly recommended. Although cleanses may help you lose weight initially, it doesn't last if you go back to your old habits.

You also should be wary of cleanses that are actually fasts masquerading under a different name. A cleanse can work great because they make us more aware of bad habits and help us create new good ones. After following a simple cleanse (7 to 21 days), most people begin to notice how much better they feel, even after a couple of days. It's this feeling that all skinny fat guys need to feel. It's this feeling that can become addictive and encourage you to continue with your new healthy habits (even if it's just sometimes).

We know you "skinny fat" guys want to be lean and healthy, and if you gradually commit yourself to new healthy habits, you can reach your goals. Cleanses just reinforce these good habits, reminding us how to eat and be healthier. So try a simple 14 day cleanse which incorporates a vegan and sometimes raw diet, and omits toxins like processed foods and alcohol.

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