How to Prevent Obesity For A Healthy Life

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your LifeEducating the present generation about health is important to fight and prevent obesity. Which is spreading quickly across the globe. Obesity is also a large cause of many health hazards. The responsibility lies on every individual to spread awareness. The knowledge for building a healthy lifestyle is indeed necessary.

How can you Prevent Obesity?

Consider these top strategies which we can apply to prevent obesity and add healthy years to our life: Read below to find out

Eat healthy

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your Life - eat healthy

Eating healthy always tops the list. Food is essential for the body which is also needed for growth. However, it is also frequently ignored. Eating fast food and leading a stressful lifestyle are two factors responsible for weight gain. Therefore an important way for stopping unhealthy weight gain is saying no to junk food.

  • Control yourself from eating high-fat food like burgers and processed cheese.
  • Eat a balanced diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the needed amount.
  • Eat smaller portions of meals than bigger ones.
  • Have a heavy breakfast and light lunch. This helps distribute energy evenly, keeping you full for longer period.

Do not keep sitting

Research has shown, sitting for a longer period reduces your lifespan. People are spending more time watching TV and also staying glued on the internet.

Make physical activity like sports or walking a part of lifestyle. This lifesytle change can indeed help to prevent obesity. Walk for a minimum of 10 minutes. This can, of course, prevent your body from unhealthy weight gain.

Limit Alcohol


Alcohol consumption can be addictive and harmful for your health if you over consume. At the same time, it is a leading factor for obesity amongst many people. It is difficult for the body to absorb an excess of alcoholic beverages especially those containing high calories or sugars in cocktail mixers. This, later on, turns into fat and causes weight gain.

Drink plenty of water

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your Life - drink water

Drinking warm water or room temperature water is a magical way of fighting obesity. It keeps you fresh, purifies your body and brings glow.  The body removes toxins through urine. It also strengths the digestive system. Thus, drink plenty of warm water and prevent obesity.

Build your metabolism

The reason for a healthy well-toned body is good metabolism. Some people have great digestion and do not gain weight easily. Whereas, the major population suffers from a low metabolism, meaning they easily gain weight. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen your digestive tract.


Exercises are extremely helpful in maintaining weight. Workout and sweat. It’s not necessary one must indulge in heavy workouts. Doing light exercises like Yoga, aerobics or dance will help build metabolism and burn calories easily.

Sleep well

Workloads and stress often keep people awake at night. People spend a lot of time on the internet and heavy workload can leave them sleepless. We can’t deny the relation between sleeplessness and obesity. Besides, sleep is necessary for building mental and physical growth. Major repairs of the body, detoxification, and mental strength take place when we sleep. Poor sleep habits can cause damage to body. and it tends to slow its repair and digestion thus making one gain weight.

  • Ensure, you get a minimum of 8 hours of good night sleep.
  • Eat a light dinner, 3 hours before your bedtime
  • Turn off your smartphone when going to bed. The reflection from the screen tires eyes and causes insomnia.

Life is all about balance and to keep your body in shape for the long haul it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get proper sleep, exercise, eat well and it will help prevent obesity and add healthy years to your life.

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