Food Combining Diet Plan How Healthy Is It?

The Principles of Food Combining in a Healthy Diet(Food combining) It’s unfortunate to see the rate of chronic diseases rising in the USA given all of the information on disease prevention and healthy living available. Even though there is a wealth of information out there for many people there is still so much confusion about simple food selection for a healthy diet. One has to put a majority of the blame squarely on the ruthless food industry that continues to put highly processed cheap foods on our supermarket shelves.

The Basics of Food Combining for a healthier diet

It was many decades ago that a very wise health and fitness guru called Jack Lalanne said “If man made it, don’t eat it.” If your objective is to live a longer and healthier life and lose any excess fat that your body carries then you need to pay attention to how your body feels.

Discover Whole Foods

Teaching yourself to focus eating whole unprocessed foods in their natural form and finding simple healthy snacks and meals is the beginning of a learning curve that will change your life and your life expectancy. You also need to learn to become aware of how you react to the food you eat in order to maximize your health and overall well being.

Finding the Right Combination

If we assume that you have just started on this health journey then we need to cover a few of the basics like food combining. The strategy called Food combining was created to direct people on how to better eat their food as to keep digestive harmony while eating meals and allow maximum nutrient absorption. Just think of the typical meal with salad first, then bread, then main course followed by dessert.

How Food Combining Works

Food combining takes these basic principles a step further to separate out what exactly you should be eating for the meals and what items you should mix them with. There has been no scientific evidence showing that food combination is necessary or required however many have tried these methods and have reported a major boost in digestive health.

Improves Digestion

The reason behind food combining comes from the ideas that different foods have different digestion methods depending on the chemical composition. And in turn eating bad food combinations in particular high protein and starch combinations (sorry meat and potatoes) can actually hinder the absorption of nutrients and leave them to stay unprocessed in your GI tract where they ferment and build up harmful toxins that can have really bad effects on your overall health.

Fortunately it is not as complicated as it might sound and there are some basic simple rules that you can follow in order to get the full benefit of the healthy food that you are eating.

Guidelines for Food Combining:

1) When eating fruit make sure to consume it 30 minutes prior to eating or on an empty stomach

2) Don't eat starches with other food items unless they are non-starch containing vegetables

3) Don't consume dairy products, fish or meat with any other food items except for non-starch containing vegetables.

4) Combine raw veggies with nuts and seeds.

Plans can vary from person to person however the guidelines are pretty standard. Follow them to start your healthy eating journey.

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