Dr. Life a Guide for Men’s Health and Fitness Longevity

The Plan By Dr. LifeDr. Life is a true life inspiration and his book the “The Plan” has got many people thinking about aging in a whole new way. Now, what’s your favorite excuse when it comes to neglecting your workout plan? One of the all-time most popular is “not enough time.” Let’s pretend for a second that’s really a legitimate excuse. When would you have time? After the kids are grown? After you retire? Is that honestly how long any of us think is reasonable to wait to get in shape? Dr. Life didn’t think so either. So when a lifetime worth of excuses left him feeling tired, old and wishing for more, he did something about it. He took the famous Bill Phillips Body for Life challenge and won it… at the age of 60!

Dr. Life and his take on how you’re never too old to have a plan

Now, in his 70’s, Dr. Life (a board certified physician) releases his own comprehensive health and fitness plan based on his 40+ years as a medical professional and his own personal successes and failures. His approach is that the right health and fitness program won’t just impact the way you feel today, it will change the way you live for the rest of your years to come. It can even turn back the clock on years of inactivity or poor health.

In other words, it’s never too late. It’s called The Life Plan and it goes well beyond the book. It also includes some excellent web tools like calculators and informational resources to complement your efforts. As for the workout itself, it incorporates a balanced mix of cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, core training and martial arts. And if you think it’s been over simplified for the 60 and over crowd, you need to take a second look at Dr. Jeffry Life and ask yourself who looks older – you or him?

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