Allergies Symptoms The Sweet Way to Fight

Allergies Symptoms The Sweet Way to Fight Constant sniffles are a pain. Itchy eyes make contact lenses impossible. And let’s not even discuss that creepy old-man cough. Essentially – seasonal allergies make you look and feel old. Besides that, repeated bouts of allergy attacks can weaken your immune system to other illnesses. allergies some times relentless headache itchy eyes and a lot of sleepless night which cause you not to be able to function on your work

Daily Medications

At the same time, no one enjoys taking daily medications with a host of side effects. People often complain of persistent dry mouth, digestive troubles, difficulty sleeping, jittery reflexes, trouble concentrating and headaches. Hardly seems like a better situation. So what can you do? Unless your seasonal allergies are severe enough to induce asthma or other serious reactions, Mother Nature might have just the cure you’re looking for.

Allergy Symptoms

A number of people, including herbalists, allergists and even some medical doctors share the belief that local honey can actually reduce the signs and severity of allergy symptoms. The principle behind it is that local honeybees synthesize pollen from the same plant varietals in your area into a local blend of honey. However, rather than this heightening your allergy response, the enzymatic action that turns nectar into honey breaks down some of the compounds people find irritating. A simple spoonful of honey once or twice a day can work much like a vaccine, exposing the body to stressors in smaller/less concentrated amounts, helping to build up a tolerance that diminishes the major onset of allergy attacks.


It is important to note that honey must be local, which often means visiting your local farmer’s market rather than your supermarket. As well, honey only is effective against environmental allergies caused by pollen and other airborne irritants. It will not have any effect on food allergies or dermatological allergies.

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