Cleanse Diet Plan Before The Holidays

Three Benefits of a Pre-Holiday Cleanse DietWe all deserve to indulge during holidays. We work hard all year and look forward to some well earned rest, recuperation, food and drink. No matter where you choose to spend your holidays, or indeed when you choose to celebrate them, you can rest assured that unless you’re extremely dedicated and strong willed, you will be eating some junk food, instead of following a  cleanse diet and binging on excessive amounts of sugary beverages and alcohol.

Benefits of a Pre-Holiday Cleanse Diet

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the flavors of the season. You work hard, you saved up, and you want to enjoy yourself. It is however, a good idea that you follow a pre-holiday cleanse diet before you begin your celebrations. These diets are designed to rid your body of toxins, help you shed a few pounds, and prepare it for the onslaught of food and alcohol you that lies ahead.

What is a pre-holiday cleanse diet?

Like we said, it’s kind of like a tune up for your body, preparing it for what lies ahead. Think of your body like a car. Before you set off on a long journey, you should get it checked out and tuned up, just to ensure that it’s running at its best, and is ready for what lies ahead. Great examples of pre-holiday cleanses include: Consuming large amounts of mineral water, eating fresh fruit and/or vegetable smoothies. Consuming fresh fruit and vegetable salads. Snacking on fruit and nuts (not coated or salted) and a large vegetable based dinner before bed. Throughout the day, plenty of water should be consumed, sometimes with lemon juice or cayenne. These foods help to flush toxins from your body and lower your weight. All food and drink is fresh and completely natural.

Cleanses help boost your immune system

The foods and drinks you consume on this cleanse diet are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which are vital for a healthy immune system. Our immune systems help us to fight off illness and disease, and when we strengthen them, our chances of staying healthy and happy are rapidly increased.

They can help improve your sleeping pattern

Let’s face it, during your holidays, you never sleep as well as you do at home. Your surroundings are new, the bed feels different, people around you may be noisy, and the food and drink you consumed during the day may very well keep you up. Because of that, getting plenty of sleep, and improving your sleeping pattern before you leave can be very useful. Cleanses help rid our bodies of toxins, and it is these toxins which can make us restless and affect the quality of our sleep.

They improve your digestive system

This is especially useful as the type of food and drink you consume on your holidays is likely to be heavy, rich, and could very well cause indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux. Cleanses are rich in natural vegetable fibres as well as water, and natural herbal ingredients, all three of which work especially well to encourage the colon to quickly get things moving from your system, allowing your stomach to prepare itself for the next meal it has to digest.

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