Health Benefits of Acupuncture you should know

Health Benefits of Acupuncture you should knowHealth benefits of acupuncture, if you’re one of those people with the ability to think for yourself, and make your own opinions about certain things, then you won’t need us to tell you that when it comes to medicine and medical treatments, there isn’t always necessarily a ‘magic pill’ to cure all of your ailments and diseases. If you have a headache for example, what’s the first thing somebody tells you to do? Take a painkiller right? Now, we’re not disputing the fact that these tablets are effective, because it’s obvious they are.

Top Health Benefits of Acupuncture

However, what we are saying is that perhaps these tablets aren’t always the healthiest option. For starters people can become addicted to them, or they simply rely on them too much. They may feel a slight twinge of pain, and will immediately pop a couple of pills, and repeat the process several times throughout the day, eventually causing damage to their major organs.

Why is acupuncture not popular medicine?

As far as treatments for various ailments go, acupuncture is one of the most understated and under appreciated treatments in the entire world. People seem put off by acupuncture, due to the fact that it involves needles. In actual fact, you don’t even feel the needles and it’s an almost entirely pain free procedure. Not to mention there is a whole heap of health benefits of acupuncture and it could very well save you a great deal of time, hassle and money in the future.

Get rid of persistent headaches

The next time you find yourself suffering from a headache, rather than reaching for the painkillers again, why not book yourself an acupuncture treatment instead. Regular treatments have been proven by numerous studies to help treat and even cure persistent headaches and migraines entirely.

Relieve back aches

Unless you’ve ever experienced real back problems, you can’t appreciate just how painful these conditions can actually be. Back ache can make even the most simple of tasks such as picking something up from the floor, into an extremely painful ordeal. Acupuncture however, has been proven to be an extremely effective method of treating people with persistent back ache and back problems.

It’s fantastic for indigestion

Now, you may think that a treatment involving tiny needles in the body would be the last thing that could cure indigestion problems, but in actual fact you’d be very wrong. A recent study published in Brazil, found that acupuncture treatments in study conducted were very effective at helping to relive heartburn and indigestion symptoms. The study tested participants suffering from the same symptoms, and treated half via acupuncture, and the other half via medication. Over 75% of participants treated via acupuncture reported that their symptoms had gone, or declined dramatically, whilst only 44% of the participants on medication reported that their symptoms had declined.

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