Exhaustion: Tips on How to Avoid it

Tips on How to Beat ExhaustionExhaustion, tiredness, and fatigue are feelings that none of us really want to experience, yet many of us find ourselves experiencing them on a near weekly, sometimes even daily basis. Exhaustion makes you feel awful and affects you in so many different ways.

How to avoid exhaustion.

There’s the obvious way example first, which is that exhaustion drains all of your energy so that you literally want to do nothing but sit around and sleep. There are other side effects of exhaustion however, as it can drain your motivational levels, your ambition, and it can even affect you mentally as well by making you feel tired, stressed and irritable. As if that wasn’t enough, it can also reduce brain function so you will be less cognitive and alert. If you find yourself feeling exhausted, tired, and fatigued on regular occasions, there are numerous things you can do to help get yourself back on track.

Aim to get regular good nights of sleep

One of the most common causes of exhaustion is tiredness due to a lack of sleep and so obviously one of the first things you should address is how much sleep you get at night. Studies have found that the ideal amount of sleep for a person each night is between 7 and 9 hours, so aim for that if at all possible. Avoid going to bed late as one hour of sleep before midnight is said to be just as beneficial as two hours after midnight. You should also get into a routine of going to bed at the same time each night, and waking up at the same time each morning as well.

Eat and drink well

If your diet consists mainly of frozen, processed, or junk foods that are full of fat, salt, sugar, and artificial chemicals then you need to cut them out and eat fresh and healthy foods instead. Fresh and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are stocked to the gills full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been proven to help boost metabolism and so increase energy levels. Many of the chemicals and ingredients found in processed foods can also cause us to feel bloated, tired, and lethargic which can all contribute towards exhaustion.

Consume more protein

Another great way of overcoming exhaustion and energizing your body is to ensure you’re consuming plenty of healthy protein, around 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. Protein is vital for muscle growth and repair but it is also a powerful weapon in the fight against exhaustion. The reason for this is that protein is thermogenic, which means that our bodies actually have to work harder and burn more calories just to digest it. This leads to an increase in metabolism and therefore an increase in energy levels too.

Stay away from caffeine late

If you enjoy your tea and/or coffee then you will need to make sure that you either switch to decaf versions, or that you simply cut them out late at night. The reason is that they contain caffeine which is a natural stimulant which will make you feel alert and energized. That’s all well and good (in moderation) in the morning, but when you’re trying to sleep at night, it can be a real problem which will then carry over into the next day.

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