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Vegan Muscle Gain – All you need to know

Vegan Muscle Gain - All you need to know

Veganism is not news to anyone, and the same applies to vegan muscle gain. Not only it is ethically and environmentally more responsible, but it is also extremely beneficial for your health. Many people have documented and claimed how the vegan diet has brought in a considerable wave of change into their lives. However, many fitness experts have faith in the vegan diet and have considerable vegan gains to show for it. Not convinced? We don’t mean to turn you into a vegan here! All we have for you are a few guidelines that you can get inspiration from, especially if you are on a vegan diet and still striving for muscle gain.

How to maximize vegan muscle gain

Reset your mindset

vegan diet in article

Don’t anticipate too much right from the beginning and give your body time if you are just starting. Maintaining the right mindset helps a lot. In fact, your body has its own unique body composition. So you know it the best. Just be consistent, patient, and stay motivated.

Don’t be protein-centric


Even though we assume muscle gain is all about protein, one just needs 10-15% of the protein in their daily calories. So it is not like going vegan will get your body no protein at all. In fact, plant-based protein foods like lentils and legumes can get you far in your vegan muscle gain efforts.

Focus on healthy food

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Refresh your cells with nutrient-rich food and fuel up your iron, zinc, potassium, and glycogen reserves. Fill up your pantry with healthy staples so that you never go hungry. Concentrate on complex carbs, legumes, nuts, seeds, and greens.

Adjust your portions

Vegan Muscle Gain - All you need to know

Muscle growth necessitates a caloric plethora, so it is crucial to eat right and eat/ supplement the appropriate amount of protein! Hence, it is essential to make smart food choices and opt for calorically compact sources if you fail to consume large servings. Besides, let some time pass between your meal or snack and working out and keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Exercise smartly

regular morning workout

Exercise is the key for all muscle growth but especially with vegan muscle gain. Exercising creates micro-tears caused by a muscle following resistance training. In fact, this is where the food comes in and helps in the recovery process by helping you build back the muscles back up bigger and stronger. So while on a vegan diet it is crucial to exercise with intention. Find a routine that you can stick to and give your body enough rest.

Health benefits of a vegan diet are known to be nutritious and low in saturated fat. A number of researchers have found that vegan muscle gain is not only possible but has a bundle of health benefits. It is proved that when you strictly followed the vegan diet your body tends to have enough fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and E. It also improve your moods and can reduce obesity. It also takes the right attitude and mindset to follow a strict vegan diet but the rewards of a stronger health body is well worth it.

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