Weight Loss Tips That actually Help You

How the Way You Eat Affects Weight LossUnless you’re one of the more fortunate people blessed with metabolism like a blast furnace which allows them to eat as much of whatever they like, then chances are that in order to keep your weight loss under control, you need to watch what you eat. What we eat obviously has a huge effect on our bodies. You can’t expect to eat a greasy bacon cheeseburger or pizza for your dinner every single night and not to gain a few pounds of fat.

No, if you eat greasy foods, you’ll gain weight, and if you eat healthy low fat natural foods, you’ll lose weight and become much healthier and happier in the process. Yes, it’s safe to say that when it comes to what we eat, people are all too aware of what we should and shouldn’t be eating if we wish to lose weight. What many people probably haven’t considered however, is that how we actually eat these foods can also affect and alter our weight loss progress.

Chewing your food for longer will require you to eat less

Just take a moment to think about this: If you happen to be hungry, you probably eat your food pretty quickly, shoveling spoonful or forkful after spoon or forkful into your mouths. The quicker you eat, the more you eat. The more you eat, the more calories you’ll be ingesting. See where we’re coming from now? If you take your time and chew your food for longer, you’ll actually taste the food even better, but more importantly, you’ll become full quicker. When we eat something, it takes us between 8 and 15 minutes to register the food inside our stomachs, meaning we could eat a small plateful, and still be hungry after. If we wait a few minutes after however, we’ll soon notice these hunger pains have left. Chewing your food for longer will mean more time between mouthfuls, allowing you to become full quicker, thus eating less calories.

Chewing your food for longer will also aid in digestion

The finer you chew your food, generally speaking, the easier your body will find it to digest it once it’s in your stomach. If you ate a huge piece of meat, and you ate it in large chunks, it would sit in your stomach, with your body doing its best to break it down as best it can in order to extract any nutrients from it. Now, if you chew it finer, it will be broken down much quicker, and all of the necessary nutrients will be extracted, and transported around the body as needed.

Sipping water in-between mouthfuls is a great way to fill up

If you’re looking to consume less food, which means less calories and less fat, then sipping water in-between each mouthful is a great way to fill yourself up. The water is also great for the body, including the metabolism, so not only are you consuming less calories, but you’ll also be boosting your metabolism and keeping yourself well hydrated at the same time.

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