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Air Travel Ailments Tips On How To Avoid Them

air travel ailmentsCombat air travel ailments, From the moment you step foot in the airport, go through ticketing, security, food courts and then on to your flight you will encounter several different people and surfaces. So much exposure is bound to leave you susceptible to some air travel ailments. Check our list of most common air travel ailments and remedies to help overcome them.

Combat air travel ailments

Flu/ Viruses

Unfortunately no matter how prepared you are you are bound to cross paths with passengers that can transmit different viruses. To help safeguard yourself make sure you have a seasonal flu shot and make sure your immune system is at its best when traveling (like don’t get totally hammered the night before you have a big trip). You can also take supplements and vitamins like Airborne to help give you a little immunity boost.

Jet Lag

There is nothing like traveling to different time zones to get your circadian rhythm all out of whack. Jet lag is a common air travel ailment that people experience due to fatigue and lack of sleep. To combat jet lag avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and sugar. These are quick fixes and the little energy high they provide will be followed by a crash, leaving you worse off than when you started. Another good tip is to follow your routine as closely as possible. Depending on how far you have to travel try to keep your same sleep schedule. If the hours are completely different try to stick to one schedule while you are in that time zone.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can be a serious air travel ailment for some passengers. If you find yourself prone to getting motion sickness try to take Dramamine or Boniene the night before your flight. It’s also best to sit over the wings where the plane is most stable, stay in your seat and avoid reading.

Airplane Ear

Barotrauma (airplane ear) is caused by the stress that is exerted on your inner ear during changes in air pressure while flying. In laments terms it’s that feeling that your ear needs to ‘pop’. Most cases are temporary and will fade away after the pressure stabilizes however for some (especially first time flyers) it can cause continuing discomfort and ringing in the ears. To help prevent airplane ear try chewing gum, yawning or using earplugs.


Battling allergies while in flight can be a pain. Whether you are allergic to pet dander, air pollen or foods (like peanuts) it can be difficult to avoid contact with these allergens while in a confined space. Try to be as prepared as possible by packing allergy medication including seasonal allergy tablets or Epipen if you have serious food reactions. It may also help to ask in advance if the flight can accommodate your allergies in advance such as non-peanut snacks or seating you away from a passenger carrying on their pet.

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