How To Stay Fit on Vacation And Still Enjoy Life

Great Getaway Trips To Stay Fit on VacationHow to stay fit on vacation, Weekends are your time to relax and treat yourself after a long work week. While splurging on food and wine can be the hallmark of a great trip, it’s good to mix it up with a healthy edge once and a while. This time around, follow these useful tips to plan some getaways to stay fit on vacation.

Hawaiian Fitness Vacations

Whether you’re in Hawaii for business or leisure, make sure to check out all the available fitness vacation opportunities. Maui has some great fitness vacations ranging from simple weekend getaways to epic 8-day fitness retreats!

Hawaii’s premiere fitness vacations come complete with hiking activities, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling with marine life, surfing, and overnight camping. Of course this comes with the bonus of Hawaii’s signature scenery, like gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking coastal views, lush vegetation, and clear waters.

Not only are there cozy lodging accommodations, but fitness vacation menus typically feature healthy yet delicious meals for its active guests. So if you’re looking to go big, Hawaii’s various fitness vacations are the ultimate getaways to stay fit on vacation.

Weekend Fitness Cruise

If you’re looking for a change a pace with your weekends, you should definitely consider booking a weekend fitness cruise. Packed with the same fun and excitement as a holiday party cruise, fitness cruises instead offer more healthy food options, daily fitness classes, personal trainers, and other healthy bonuses!

Are you traveling to the UK in the near future with friends or family? If so, make sure to check out some of their unique fitness cruise ships. One of the most popular weekend getaway choices is the epic Thompson Cruise Line, which caters to avid cyclists looking to ride through some new international locations.

Fitness cruises aren’t just for adults.

If you want to plan weekends to stay fit with your kids, then you have to book a family-friendly fitness cruise offered by Carnival Magic! These wild and colorful ships come equipped with 230-foot long rope courses, bridges, obstacle courses, and even more fitness games for kids. Plus Dads can work on their cardio with an outdoor weight-lifting deck, basketball and tennis courts, indoor gym, and a 200-meter open air track.

Make sure to bookmark this page today to start planning your new getaways to stay fit on vacation! Plus stay on the right track all weekend long with mobile apps that count your steps, calculate your calories, and tracks your overall fitness progress.

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