Alcohol on a Diet That You Can Enjoy

How to Drink Alcohol on a DietIf you’re anything like us, you’ll love a drink from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that, so long as yo don't have alcohol on a diet and it is in moderation. However, potentially problems could arise, if you so happen to be dieting and trying to lose weight. Dieting and trying to drop pounds is most certainly easier said than done. Every single year, millions upon millions of people part with their hard earned money and splash out on expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, health supplements, and healthy balanced foods.

However, these people also place a few bottles of alcohol into their shopping cart. Yes, alcohol can be detrimental to your diet as it can often be construed as containing empty calories so to speak, but in actual fact, if you know what you’re doing, you can still drink alcohol on a diet from time to time, and still continue to drop those unsightly pounds.

Moderation is the key

Before you get too excited. This isn’t an excuse for you to go out and pick up a twelve pack of beer, and drink the lot in one sitting. No, that would be downright silly. Beer is one of the most calorific beverages you can drink, so always be aware of how much you consume. Our advice would be to avoid drinking any alcohol during the working week, beer or otherwise.

However, towards the weekend, if you do feel the cravings and perhaps feel as though you deserve a small treat, then one beer on a Friday night certainly won’t be a disaster. Work out the calorie contents, work it into your daily macros, and take it from there. It’s vital that you don’t skip a meal in order to have that one drink and still fit it around your daily macros. There is very little nutritional value in alcohol, and it’s certainly no substitute for real food.

Look for lighter alternatives

As we now live in an extremely weight conscious society, there are more and more “diet” related products everywhere. These products are not healthy, so don’t think you’re being healthy by eating or drinking them, because you aren’t. Like we said, there is no alternative or substitute for real and all-natural food so just bear that in mind. That being said, the odd drink now and then “diet” or otherwise won’t cause too much damage. Look for lighter alternatives such as reduced sugar, or light beers and such like.

Use healthy water based mixers

One of the most common alcoholic beverages for people on a diet, is a wine spritzer. These spritzers are basically a glass consisting of one third or wine, topped up with 2 thirds of soda water. That way, you still get to enjoy a drink, and you’re consuming far less alcohol in the process. Go for water based mixers such as soda waters or tonic waters. You can also try natural juice that is fresh squeezed or processed through a juicer for tasty, refreshing and low calorie cocktail.

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