Museum Workout For Fitness Motivation

museumMen sometimes get a bad rap for being uncultured. Sure, we like jokes about flatulence and we generally prefer movies where something blows up, but that doesn’t mean we’re complete meat heads. As a matter of fact, one of our favorite “high-minded” activities is taking a trip to the museum. Yes, you read that right, the museum.

How to use a muesum workout to find motivation

Find your motivation

Besides a nice walking workout with beautiful scenery, we find that museums are unbeatable inspiration for hitting your workout with more vigor. Looking at those classic Greek and Roman statues of perfectly, well, chiseled men with flawless physiques is enough to make you want to do a couple extra reps the next day at the gym. You’ll also notice a lot about how these ancient men stayed in such perfect shape. They’re hunters, warriors, workers, farmers... all good reminders that your days in the office are a pathetic excuse for not hitting the gym.

Calm your mind and body

There’s also the added benefit that when you’re back in the gym, you’ll be able to replay the images in your mind, not only for inspiration but also as a calming mental influence. With your mind clear and calm, you are more capable of focusing on your technique, proper form, your breathing, and all the many tiny details that make a world of difference in your workout. It may not be the traditional definition of art appreciation, but we subscribe to the belief that interpreting art is a deeply personal connection, and if your connection happens to be fitness, that’s just as valid as color, brush stroke or artist statement.

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