The Most Physically Demanding Jobs

The Most Physically Demanding JobsIf you’re not the desk job type that can sit down all day long in an office then you might want to explore the world of some of the most physically demanding jobs. These jobs are mainly outdoors and double as a killer workout.

Top 5 Most Physically Demanding Jobs

Bikers – Bike Taxi (Rickshaw), Bike Courier

The Most Physically Demanding Jobs - Bike courier

Any job that requires you to ride a bike is going to be physically taxing but when you add cargo and passengers you are really in for a good workout. It’s estimated that the average bike courier in New York City rides about 40 miles daily. All while carrying heavy packages and boxes for an average of over 700 calories burned. While most bike taxi’s carry two passengers so the average couple would put you at 300 lbs. in tow. Now that’s a workout!

The “Rough Necks” – Lineman, Oil Rig Worker, Miners, Construction and Loggers

 The Most Physically Demanding Jobs - Rough necks

Any of these jobs are extremely physical and the competition is tough to make the cut. You have to deal with extreme weather conditions, heavy machinery and constantly moving on your feet. The upside to these jobs is if you can handle the physical requirements many have high-end positions that can put you in the six-figure income bracket. Due to the extreme physical nature of any job in this field, they definitely belong on our list of the most physically demanding jobs.

Servicemen – Police, Firefighter, Soldier

The Most Physically Demanding Jobs - Servicemen

Whether you are chasing down a suspect, running into a burning building or fighting for your country abroad. One thing all servicemen have in common is the need for physical fitness. All of these jobs have extensive training and minimum physical standards before you can be accepted into the field.

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

For those who love to stay fit and help others achieve their fitness goals, a personal trainer is a great job to have. Most active trainers and instructors are working out all day long to help their clients when they come to the gym or step in their studio. So when you are done with your one or two-hour workout your trainer is getting ready to hit it again.

Valet Parker

Like any truck driver or taxi, most people think of valets as driving around, but that’s only half the job. Valets spend the other half of their time running to and from parking spots sometimes a good distance away from your location. These short bursts of aerobic activity are similar to interval training athletes do. Although each car may not be parked that far away, all of the runs together often add up to a few miles by the end of a shift.

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