Types of People You Meet in Every Office

Types of People You Meet in Every OfficeTypes of people you meet in every office, Let’s face it, no matter what experience level you’re at and no matter where you work, the work place can be a daily warzone that you have to traverse through. This is usually due to those certain types of people every office has that just makes it a hostile environment for everyone involved,

3 Types of people you MAY meet in every office that are contributing to your daily run through a warzone.

The Passive-Aggressive, “No, Take Your Vacation, It’s Fine” Boss

We’ve all met this type of boss, the one that gives you a smile as you ask for time off for your vacation, saying things are “fine”, but really they’re calling you every name in the book and labeling you a deserter in their mind. He starts heaping tons of work on your desk, shuffling the jobs that nobody wants to do you way and generally giving you the cold shoulder for the rest of the week.

How to Deal with This Type of Person:

With this type of boss you need to head them off at the pass and confront them straight on. They usually continue to behave this way because no one is willing to approach them about their behavior, so schedule a meeting and be honest about the reason behind the meeting, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a resolution can be found when the office passive-aggressive “bully” is confronted.

The Office Gossip

This type of person makes your work week a trial by simply whispering in your ear and those of your co-workers about all the things all of you would rather keep to yourself. Whether it is gossip about your marriage being on the rocks or talk of the boss giving you the cold shoulder, the office gossip is one of the main contributors to your work stress both in and out of the office.

How to Deal with This Type of Person:

One of the best ways to deal with the office gossip is to try and reduce the amount of gossip they have to give (i.e. keep the things you want kept quiet private) and walking away from her when she starts on the gossiping track. The office gossip is only as effective as the people who listen to her, so by nipping that problem in the bud you can effectively cut off her pleasure at spreading office gossip.

The Too-Cheery, Overly Ambitious Worker

Every office has that one worker who seems to be a little ray of shine and glitter throughout your day whether you want their attention or not. They’re like a fly in your face, buzzing around with chipper incessant questions, helpful “advice” and a penchant for “sharing” things with the boss that you would rather keep on the down-low.

How to Deal with This Type of Person:

Everybody hates a snitch and this type of office person is one in spades. The best way to deal with them is by trying to avoid the characteristics that bother you such as answering their questions as quickly and bluntly as possible, nipping those “helpful advice” sentences in the bud before they really get going and making sure to not let them know about things that you would rather the boss not knowing about. Basically, you can’t stop this type of person, you just have to weather the storm, so take steps to reduce the amount of affect they have on your office experience.

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