Micro Progression Lifting Techniques

Micro Progression Lifting TechniquesMost men who are training to increase the amount of muscle that they have seem to easily fall into the trap of the ego where they are trying to lift the heaviest weight they can as fast as they can. We will be discussing a technique called micro progression lifting where you can guarantee long lasting permanent results.

Training by increasing the weight that you lift too quickly will inevitably set you up for a bad performance and could possibly get you injured. When you train to get stronger it’s not only your muscles you have to think about. You also have all of the connecting factors like your ligaments, tendons and fascia that you will need to train to handle the new amount of stress that is applied when you add extra weight.

To determine how much you should increase the weight that you are working with week to week you should take out some of the guess work and use a percentage. The experts advise to slowly increase no more than 5% per week per exercise.

It is also important to vary the way that you train constantly and not to get stuck in the train of thought that the only way to progress your lift is to pack on the weight. Your reps and tempo are two other important factors that can be great indicators of strength progression. Think of it this way if you used to struggle to bench 200 lbs. and now you can pump out 6 reps with a controlled tempo and hold the lift for a few seconds between repetitions that is a great measure you have increased your strength.

If you increase your time per repetition you will intern increase the complete time under tension placed on your muscles and connection tissues per set. Another great way to challenge your muscles is to add an additional set while maintaining the same pace and technique. Just be sure that you can handle the extra repetitions or you will quickly get diminishing returns.

If you are in the position where you are uncertain if you are ready to increase weight then you should use reps and bar speed as your primary indicators. If you feel you have a good handle on the weight by all means add on some extra plates just make sure you do not sacrifice your form and tempo.

We all know very well that the only way to put on more muscle is with progressive resistance. Micro-progressions are a great way to up your level of difficultly while keeping your chances or injury low. Small increments can add up to very large gains over time and your muscle will be healthier, more stable and give you long lasting results.

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