Healthy Tailgating – Yes It’s Possible!

Healthy Tailgating – Yes It’s PossibleIt has started! Football, Tailgating, Funday Sunday!! And sometimes even Monday's & Thursdays!

Packing the cooler and preparing your snacks does not mean that it is necessary to eat so un-healthy during these football outings. You don't have load up on the greasy grilling, cheesy nachos & fries, subs, chips, beer & more.

Easy Ways to make your tailgating party healthy

Let's take a peak into what you should be packing in your cooler on any given Sunday so you can eat good before & while you are enjoying the big game. It really isn't necessary to consume 5000 calories and hundreds of grams of fat in one day!!

Healthy Cooler Essentials

• Turkey Sandwiches or Turkey/Lean beef Burgers if we're grilling
• Low sodium ham, part skim mozz cheese, & roasted peppers on whole grain bread/Panini
• Chicken sausages for the grill with peppers & onions
• Cut up fruit & veggies
• Low Fat Cabot Cheddar Cheese & Crackers
• Quinoa
• Pita Chips
• Soy Chips
• Nuts
• Guacamole & Salsa
• Salmon Salad
• Water bottles
• Light Beer

Don't let a fun day ruin your diet and damage your health. Unfortunately, the stats aren't getting any better. Diabetes is on the rise and obesity is killing. Both can be reversed with a little dedication and smart choices! Make today your day to make those right choices.

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