The 2012 Summer Olympics: Track & Field

The Athletics category in the 2012 Summer Olympics, which is often referred to as Track & Field, is usually one of the most popular categories in the Olympiad events because many believe that it is the most representative of the Ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece. The Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius” which means "Faster, Higher, Stronger" in Latin and what better category at the Summer Olympics exemplifies that motto more than the Track & Field competitions? Many of the events set to take place at the official XXX Olympiad Games were a part of the original events held in Greece such as the discus, javelin and marathon.

The Track & Field category for the Summer Olympics involves 26 separate sections with over 2000 competitors coming to London for a chance to win the Gold. Events range from the shot put to the 400 meter hurdles to the heptathlon/decathlon. All events test the overall speed, agility, endurance, strength and jumping abilities of the Olympians, making it a true testament to the ideals behind the Summer Olympic Games.

This year the Athletics category is set to be a true one of a kind experience as unbelievably gifted athletes vie for a medal. One of the events that really shouldn’t be missed is the Men’s 100 Meters where Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is set to defend his title as the fastest man alive (with a record breaking 9.58 seconds). The relay races are also another must see event; the relay races have long been a United States dominated event, though in the 2008 Games a huge error was made as a baton was dropped in the Women’s 4x100 meter relay. Other events in the Track & Field category to keep an eye on are the Men’s Shot Put event (where Ryan Whiting, first place winner of the 2012 World Indoor Championships Shot Put section, is set to compete) and the Men’s Heptathlon event (where the Team USA’s Ashton Eaton, current world record holder, is set to win.)

The Track & Field events are set to begin August 3rd and go until August 12th and will be held at the Olympic Stadium in London. The competition for the Athletics category in the 2012 Summer Olympics will be furious battle to see who can run the hardest, jump the highest, endure the longest and just plain be the best. Whether you’re one of the lucky few set to be a spectator at the official XXX Olympiad Games or a viewer from inside your own home, the Track & Field events at the Summer Games shouldn’t be missed.

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