The Superhero Workouts you absolutely have to try!


We all grew up on a healthy dose of superhero inspiration, which is probably why superhero workouts are highly coveted. In fact, it is not surprising that most men struggle hard to get the body which is like that of a superhero. Besides, who doesn’t want to have a chiseled body like Thor or Superman? Luckily for us mere mortals, there are various superhero workouts which are doing the rounds in the fitness world. Let us go through some workout examples which we can’t promise to give you superhero abilities, but will certainly make you look like one.

  • The Hulk – Chest and Shoulders
  • Wolverine – Forearms
  • Flash – Speed and Lean body
  • Spider-Man – Agility

Superhero workouts You should Positively Try!

Cable Flys for Chest – The Hulk

Big Chest Workouts to slay this year - cable crossover

The Cable Fly exercise makes use of a weighted pulley system and is a great exercise for working the push muscles in your chest, triceps, and shoulders. To do this exercise you will need to set both pulleys at shoulder height and set your weights the same on each side. Hold both cable handles while you stand in the middle with your feet in a staggard stance. Start the fly movements by holding the handles with your arms raised at each side with a slight bend on the elbow. Then, push the handles forward so your hands touch in the middle. To finish, slowly lower your arms back to the starting position lightly so the weights do not slam.

Overhead Press for shoulders – The Hulk


The overhead press is highly esteemed for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is just a barbell, you and the gravity which comes into play. Take a barbell in both hands at shoulder width and bring it up to your chest level. Keep your back positioned flat. Now lift the barbell over your head. Bring the barbel to the chest to complete one set. There are different variations of the overhead press which demands more engagement. However, the standing overhead press focusses more on upper-body strength.

Plate pinch curl and thick back-curl for forearms – The Wolverine

plate pinch curl

This exercise is a great addition to any superhero workout to strengthen your forearms. First, take two small plates and keep them together gripping them with your fingers. Second, now rotate your wrists and take it down. This exercise can be done in 8-12 reps with few minutes rest. To perform thick back curls take the bar and wrap it with a towel and hold it with a hand grip. Then lower the bar to your shoulders complete one set. You can perform up to four sets by having some rest in between the exercises.

Hill sprints for improving speed – Flash

hill climbing

For this superhero workout, find a slanted surface, be it a naturally occurring hillside or a stadium/ park ramp. Ensure that the surface is at a 15 degrees angle. Now sprint this surface for 25 yards. If you have not done any sprint work for awhile work your way up. Save your max speed sprints for your last couple reps when your body is warmed up. Leave a 2 minutes gap between each set. In fact, this exercise will help you be quick on your toes and develop your stamina and speed.

Jump Rope for agility – Spiderman

Jumping Rope - One Jump Forward, Two Years Back

Hold the jump rope in your hand while keeping your feet together. Do a variation of skipping exercises like high knee steps, single leg jumps or the jump rope burpees as per your liking. Jumping rope will not only improve your balance but will also improve your agility and help you develop immense strength.

Try, some of these superhero workouts. They will undoubtedly help you build power and develop balance to carry out everyday tasks in a flash.

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